Super Weird Skin Care Trends To Consider This February


There are tons of weird trends happening within the skin care industry (almost daily). Honestly, you can’t begin to scroll through any Facebook feed, Instagram feed, or even live Snapchat without spotting some super strange products. Most of the time it’s a social post of someone branching out of their comfort zone and trying some crazy ingredient for the first time. Sometimes, it’s Kim Kardashian going for some uber expensive treatment that costs more than your mortgage. No, we’re not hating on her at all. We’re jealous, but not hatingĀ on her, LOL.

There are some trends that have been taking over the social stratosphere is seems and it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. So, here’s what I’m going to do today. I’m going to share some of the weird, yet popular skin care products and ingredients that are trending, and on top of that, I’m going to tell you where you can go to experience these crazes.

If you’re smart, you’ll buy one or two for Valentine’s Day, either for your special someone or treat yourself if you’re single.

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Strange Skin Care Trends To Try This Month

This first one may or may not be strange, depending on who you ask. I’ve actually tried this ingredient to save me from a brutal hangover back in my partying days. This trending product is none other than the charcoal peel-off mask. Not sure how else to describe this one other than it reminding me of applying Elmer’s glue to my face and slowly peeling it off. Oh, but the benefits are beyond amazing.

If you’ve never dabbled in these types of masks, then now’s the time to do so. That holds especially true if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Stay in, apply a mask and have some champagne. It’ll be the best night of your week, trust me. Just be sure to read the directions or you’ll mess things up. Don’t leave it on too long either! Some brands you might want to check out are GlamGlow (Hillary Duff favorite) and Boscia.

The next trending thing in skin care this month is algae. No, you’re not supposed to use raw algae! I’m talking about cosmetics that contain this ingredient. They’re trending due to the ingredients ability to reduce irritation, moisturize and more. You’ll find this in some high-end creams and face masks. Go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose! You’ll be sending #algaemak updates before you know it.

This next trending ingredient goes along with the 2018 Grammy Awards. I’m talking straight up gold baby, 24k magic! People have been applying gold masks to their skin this month and although it’s trending badly this month, it’s certainly not something new. In fact, use of gold masks goes all the way back to Cleopatra. It’s known to help boost collagen. You’ll likely need to treat yourself to a luxury spa day for this one.

This trending skin care product might be my favorite, especially when it comes to Instagram posts. I love bubble masks and all the silly updates that people are posting lately online. Many people are actually using charcoal bubble masks today. They’re so easy to use too. All you need to do is apply the mask and wait ten minutes for it to bubble. Take a few selfies and post away! You’ve just become a part of the trend! All in the name of better looking skin.

Super Weird Skin Care Trends To Consider This February
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