Sunglasses And Their Importance In Blocking Sunlight


glasses for sun protectionSunglasses are designed to be stylish as well as protecting. There are so many different styles and pairs of sunglasses available and many people do not know what they need to take into consideration when picking a style and UV protection type. These are the main things that you need to think about when picking sun glasses.

Your face shape:

It is important that you take your face shape into account when picking a pair of sunglasses, different styles suit different shapes and compliment your features. Square faces with defined and strong jaws are better suited to round shaped sunglasses, this is because the curves will flatter your sharp features. Flat glasses should be avoided however as they’ll clash with your angular features and a pair of over sized sunglasses are the most flattering for those with this face shape.

Heart shaped/triangle faces suit glasses that are oval or rounded slightly to flatter the face as people with this face shape usually have narrow chins and wide foreheads. Long/oblong faces suit wrap around glasses or those that are a sharp horizontally. This is to shorten the face and decorated or larger tops of glasses rather than bottom can make the face look smaller. Round faces suit wrap around or rectangle glasses as they take away from all the curves of the face. They are the most flattering and best looking on those with round faces. Oval faces can pull off just about every sunglasses style and are the idea face for sunglasses.

Your face size:

It is important that you have the right size sunglasses, they can make all the difference in a pair looking good on you and looking too overwhelming or odd. There are 3 different measurements for sunglasses, these are 60- 16 and 115 millimeters. It is best to check your measurement before you go to buy a pair of glasses as you’ll know what size to try and get.

Your need of protection:

A good protecting pair of sunglasses have at the least 60% UVA protection and 95% to 99% UVB protection. These days, pretty much most sunglasses have full protection from UV, if they are not, the lenses can be changed to your preferred level of protection. Over sized glasses not only protect your eyes but the whole eye area, this is a good thing to consider if you have sensitive and damaged under eyes or eye lids as it can be very useful for you.

Sunglasses And Their Importance In Blocking Sunlight
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