Summer Skin Care Tips: Going Out In The Sun


Summer Skin Care Tips
Your skin will react differently to different seasons. Season’s other than summer will most commonly make your skin dry and irritable, but the reaction to summer is different.

Summer means heat, which is a result of sun shining more than ever. Our skin to sun rays that can impact our skin in a very negative manner. Plus, sweating caused by heat can also be disastrous which is why it is important to be careful and know summer skin care tips.

The sun is a great natural source of vitamin D which aids in building the melanin in our skin, but its rays can cause harm as well. The exposure to sun should be reduced in order to prevent harmful conditions. In the midst of the day in between 11am-3:00pm the sun rays are at their harshest; these rays have higher percent of UVA and less percent of UVB, which is why being exposed to them will make your skin more prone to the damages that they cause for e.g. formation of wrinkles or aging of skin, sun burns, skin thinning and even skin cancer. Nonetheless, this does not mean that one stops going out altogether, but one should use proper precautions that include:

  • Applying sunscreen or sunblock and give it about 10 minutes (depends on the type of product you are using) to get absorbed properly. Make sure you use a quality sunscreen that has ingredients which are essential for the protection against the deadly UVB and UVA rays.
  • Drink a lot of water and keep washing your face so that you stay hydrated.  Your eating habits affect your skin in ways most people don’t think about.
  • SPF are essential regardless of any season, using a moisturizer which has less SPF is fine for winters, but as you move on to the hotter season higher SPF with lighter formulation is more beneficial as it will help your skin act against aging and sun spots.
  • You might often feel like your skin is continuously being cooked under the sun, well for that a toner will be best, or rose water can be a great alternative of it. It will help your skin be more cool and will keep your pores closed.
  • Make sure that you protect the sensitive part of skin as well, like your lips by applying a nice lip balm you can make it less prone to be darker in color.
  • Now we are not only focusing on the skin of your face, give as much attention to your feet, hands and neck. While applying the moisturizer bring it down to your neck and apply it properly as well as on your hands and feet.
  • Along with all these, proper dressing can contribute in the aim of protection, for e.g. a nice cap would go on a hot sunny day, or light cotton clothes can become a barricade.
  • It is also essential to keep your diet proper, cut back on the junk foods and have more fruits containing citric acid.

With these simple tips the sun will not be able to harm your skin and you will be able to enjoy its benefits fully. Also, if you are not sure of which products to use please check our product review section here.

Summer Skin Care Tips: Going Out In The Sun
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