Stretch Marks On Thighs

Stretch marks on thighs are not a pretty sight. They can really be damaging to your ego, self-esteem, and overall confidence. If you’re like many of the individuals that exist today and you have stretch marks at all then you probably have stretch marks on your thighs. This can be rather unpleasant and these marks can make your skin look awful especially during warmer climates when you’re wearing shorts.

stretch marks on thighsDon’t be alarmed, I’m going to give you some tips on how you can eliminate stretch marks on your thighs and at a minimum give you a few ways that you can reduce them at least. The days of being self-conscious about your thighs are soon to be over. These treatments are all natural approaches that can and will help rid your thighs of stretch marks for good.

How To Naturally Eliminate Stretch Marks On Thighs

As previously stated, these ways are only natural remedies that will help you reduce the sight of your stretch marks on the back of your legs. There are obviously more ways to do this other than taking a natural approach. However, the methods that I’m suggesting are far less invasive than the traditional surgical or medical approach.

Argan Oil

argan oil stretch marks on thighs
Argan Oil

If you’ve never heard of argan oil then you’re not alone. Some people haven’t and those that aren’t familiar with this natural oil is missing out on the most popular natural oil that exists today. It’s popular because of it’s extremely high antioxidant and nutritional value. Argan oil can be safely applied to your skin directly on the stretch marks on thighs and upper legs. Doing so will help tighten the stretch marks and it will slowly help eliminate them. I must warn you that this method won’t result in drastic changes or immediate results. Applying argan oil is more of a long term approach but you should see improvement within a couple of weeks of using the product. Most visible stretch marks will begin to disappear after you start using the oil religiously.

Traditional Squats

Exercise is important if you want to eliminate your stretch marks on your thighs. In terms or eliminating these location specific marks, there isn’t a single exercise that’s better to help rid your body of them other than traditional squats. Reason being is that the exercise doesn’t simply tighten your skin and eliminate them but it makes your hips bigger. After just a few short weeks of doing squats, your stretch marks will disappear for good. The key is to keep up the exercise and do them at a minimum once or twice per week.

Moutain Climbers

This exercise is a bit more complex but they work great at reducing stretch marks on thighs. I can’t stress how good this exercise truly is. It will tighten your thighs like never before. As an added bonus, it’s a great cardiovascular activity that helps reduce your body fat in the stomach region. I suggest performing this exercise a minimum of once or twice per week. Here’s a video on how to properly perform mountain climbers. It’s important that you understand how to perform this exercise with good form. Any other way can hurt more than help.

Raw Egg

Last but not least, applying egg to your stretch marks is a great way to reduce them. All you have to do is apply the egg whites to your thighs. I suggest that you separate the whites from the yolks and then apply the whites with a brush. You should leave the egg whites on your stretch marks for a minimum period of time until the egg dries or becomes hard on your skin. Wash the egg whites off and then apply the yolk to your skin. Wait until that hardens and then rinse that off as well. Eggs have natural moisturizer characteristics and they are well known for eliminating stretch marks.

If you are battling stretch marks in the thigh region then I would have to highly recommend that you implement every single technique suggested here. Incorporating all natural remedies will increase your chances of eliminating any stretch marks.

Now, if you’re still not convinced that these natural treatments work, you could always go visit your local dermatologist to get a second opinion on what to do to reduce your stretch marks. Chances are your dermatologist will not suggest anything natural. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Stretch Marks On Thighs
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