Start Putting Butter In Your Coffee, No I’m Not Crazy!


Every once in a while I like to dive deeper into things more health and wellness related, not just skin. For the most part, I talk about fixing your face with serums, creams, and other expensive skin products. Today I’m here to talk about something that I can’t live without, coffee!

If you’re worried about your health and staying in shape, then chances are you stay away from those syrups at Starbucks and the creamers, well, forget about it!

There’s one thing that you should be adding to your coffee instead and that’s butter! I know that it sounds crazy but it’s pretty much the thing to do these days. Celebs and fitness freaks of all types are adding butter and coffee to their morning workout ritual.

Buttery coffee is awesome, so is coconut oil coffee.

There are many different combinations and variations that you can make of this. Some people use butter, others use coconut oil, and then a few use MTC oil.

Butter In Coffee

Why Add Butter To Your Coffee?

There are a few reasons why you might choose to add butter to your coffee. I can tell you right now that one of the main reasons you might start has to do with all-around improvements in focus and well as energy. You’re probably thinking that it’s going to make you tired and sluggish but that’s all in your head.

This stuff is like rocket fuel for some people! In fact, many people can go many hours without consuming any food and all without the hunger issues and lose focus during the daily grind at the office.

High-quality butter is packed with something known as CLA aka conjugated linoleic acid. This is actually a supplement that many people take when trying to lean out. I’ve taken it myself. While I’m personally on an L-carnitine kick, I go back to CLA at times.

CLA has been linked to fat loss, brain health improvements, and many other positive benefits. One other great thing about adding fats to your coffee is that it helps release the caffeine at a slower pace, which ultimately prolongs the use of it for energy.

However, you’ve got to be careful with this as it’s not for everyone. If you’re crushing stacks of pancakes and waffles for breakfast, then you want to stay away from the butter and coconut oil. Why? Because it typically gets stored as fat when you’ve got all those excessive carbs fueling your body.

Stick with a moderate to low carb diet and mix in some butter or coconut oil in the morning pre-workout and you’ll burn more calories.

Now, since this is a skin care site that we run, I should also mention something positive that this can do for your skin. Consuming this coffee butter drink in the morning leads to eating less food. This stops you from consuming foods which may be harmful to your skin. That’s how that works.

All is good with this butter coffee solution. Down the hatch!

Have a groundbreaking edgy solution for us to try? We’re all ears! Just contact us with the tip and we’ll reward you nicely.

Start Putting Butter In Your Coffee, No I’m Not Crazy!
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