A Starbucks Coffee Destroyed This Woman’s Skin!


How many of you drink Starbucks coffee? I must admit that I am a regular at Starbucks. However, after I found out what happened to Katherine Mize, I’m certainly going to be taking a more cautious approach when it comes to sipping any latte or hot tall coffee. Either that or I’ll be switching to iced coffee only!

starbucks coffee skin burn
Katherine Mize Skin Burn From A Starbucks Coffee

Woman Gets Bad Skin Burn From Starbucks Coffee

Katherine Mize recently told a reporter that one single cup of coffee literally changed her entire life. She was visiting a Starbucks when an employee went to hand her the cup of coffee and everything possible went wrong.

Katherine Mize was at a drive-through window at a local Starbucks one day. Upon being handed the cup, the employee supposedly dropped the cup and the coffee went everywhere!

I know what you’re thinking. The only thing on your mind is Kramer in that Seinfeld episode where he sues Java World. See below for your pleasure…

However, back to being serious, because this is a real problem. The woman ended up having her skin scalded off. Again, this is no laughing matter. It has caused her to miss a month’s worth of work, not to mention the physical pain that she’s been dealing with.

Apparently, her attorney attempted to communicate with Starbucks but they did not respond. The incident occurred almost two years ago but she’s recently filed a lawsuit against Starbucks to collect on it. It will be interesting to see how the coffee giant responds.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this to see what happens. In the event that your skin gets damaged from a similar incident, it’s very important that you document the event and get treatment from a doctor. Go visit a dermatologist, a primary care physician, and perhaps an attorney. You should do this only because it’s important to get your skin evaluated. Remember, your health is much more important than the money rewarded.

In the event that you have any questions regarding an event that happened to you personally in which case your skin was effected, feel free to reach out to us here at Skincare.net. We have a legal team that we can recommend which specializes in product liability. Most importantly, you must always be very careful when dealing with anything that is hot!

A Starbucks Coffee Destroyed This Woman’s Skin!
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