When you hear the word squalane, what exactly comes to mind? If you’re completely at a loss for words then you’re not alone. Most people have not got a clue what this even is let alone what it’s useful for. Now, if you’re a science fan or better yet an olive oil guru or shark lover then you might know exactly what this is. I’ll explain exactly what this is, where it comes from, it’s uses and everything else you need to know.

squalane oil facts
Squalane can be found in shark liver among other places.

What Is Squalane?

For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s a type of oil. It’s naturally occurring within our bodies as well as within plants and animals. This can be found in olive oil and even in sharks liver.

The one thing you need to be careful not to mix up is squalane and squalene. They are two different things. Squalene is essentially shark liver oil that has not been hydrogenated. This means that upon being exposed to air, squalene becomes oxidized.

Why Is Squalane Important?

Well, lots of companies have begun to incorporate squalane into the manufacturing process of their skin care products. They add this because it’s considered to have moisturizing qualities and it’s natural. Before you take the plunge and start using a product that contains this ingredient, I suggest you do some research. Find out what makes it so attractive and if any downsides exist to using this product.

Facts About Squalane

Let me start out by saying that squalane is something that our body produces naturally. It’s a chemical that eventually begins to slow in production over time. You know, one of those wonderful chemicals that we pay no mind to when we’re young, yet wish we had more of as we get older.

If you have skin that is extra dry, incorporating a moisturizer that contains this can help better balance out your natural oils.

If you are the type of person that has really oily skin and is afraid to use oils, you’re in luck. This oil does not have any type of oily feeling to it. It also will not clog your pores and is essentially odorless. That means no nasty smelling skin or uncomfortable residue left behind.

I should also mention that the oil has been known to help fight bacteria on your skin. For example, should you have any acne, the oil may help relieve some of the pain and reduce some symptoms that go along with it.

If you are the type of person that has extra sensitive skin, you’ll be happy to know that many products containing squalane are actually absorbed by your skin a lot slower than usual. This makes it much less harmful for those that may have super sensitive skin. The ingredient is said to work as a protective barrier too. This helps you retain moisture and keep your skin hydrated well.

What If You Have Skin Issues?

In the event that you have skin issues, squalane might be the right oil for you to start using. Based on some light research that I’ve done, it seems like the ingredient is helpful if you have skin spots due to aging, scarring, or slight skin pigmentation.

It’s a free radical fighting ingredient that works just as well as retinol. Why is this so important? Well, not only does squalane help fight off free radicals that cause damage, it also assists in reversing the damage that’s been caused by too much exposure to the┬ásun. If you decide to incorporate a product that contains this oil, there’s a good chance that your marks may begin to disappear as time progresses. One thing you must always remember is that science is forever evolving and there is still limited research that exists on this topic. Be realistic when to desired results.

Benefits And Why It’s A Great Skin Care Ingredient

Well, for starters, over the years scientists have spent time studying this oil and the impact that it has on humans skin. What they’ve been able to determine is that it contains hydrating properties, skin softening properties and even anti aging properties. The reason it’s considered to be such a wise choice to incorporate in any anti aging product is due to its ability to penetrate the skin. As you apply the ingredient to your skin, typically speaking, your skin takes well to it and it penetrates it rather deeply. In the event that you have any lines or wrinkles, the hydrating and penetration may help reduce the appearance of those wrinkles.

As far as aging is concerned, it’s ability to fight off harm generated by UV rays may be a game changer. In fact, someone that has really sensitive skin that wants to reduce the aging process due to too much sun may want to use a product containing squalane.

Side Effects

Although I hate to have to bring up something negative, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t. The good news is that very few side effects are known to exist from using products containing the ingredient. The only real concern is the harm that may be caused to sharks. Harvesting sharks for their squalane is a real thing and this could be damaging to the ecosystem if it continues.

Here’s what’s really important, you can help. If you don’t wish to contribute to further damaging the shark population then all you need to do is read the labels of any products you intend on buying. Each label should specifically state where the squalane was derived. You do have the choice to use products derived from oils and plants versus sharks. Do your part and take a second to read. It may save an animals life!

Professional Help

Last but not least, go see your local dermatologist before you begin to use a product that contains this ingredient or any other unfamiliar ingredient. You have two options really. You can either purchase the product and bring it to your dermatologist or print the label out and bring that to them. Chances are they will approve of using it but it’s always best to be safe versus being sorry.

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