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There are so many people out there that have to deal with unwanted spots on their skin for the most part, it’s either a freckle or a mole that ends up sticking out like a sore thumb. That’s where the Spot Eraser Pro comes into play! Granted, I’ve done quite a bit of research and have noticed that many products exist today that claim to “erase spots” and “remove moles” but do they all work?

Chances are that they don’t all work. However, some of them do work. One thing that I want to make clear about the Spot Eraser Pro is that there are no guarantees that you will see positive results using this product. I hate that so many mole erasers advertise that the products will do wonders, then you’re left dwelling in disappointment. If you’re going to use the Spot Eraser Pro, I need you to understand that this product produces results which vary widely.

Before using this device, I highly suggest that you learn about the product and what it can do for your skin. Don’t just buy it and try it. That’s a horrible way to test skin care products. Do your research first. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, time to dive into the product details.

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Spot Eraser ProSpot Eraser Pro Details

Based on my research the device has a few components to it that you need to be familiar with. These are components that help essentially help you remove the moles from your skin. The device has a:

Boot key – this is what turns the device off and on for use and storage.

Low power – This is the lowest power setting to start with when using the device.

Middle power – This is the medium set power button.

High power – This is the highest power setting of the Spot Eraser Pro device.

Out This button causes the pin to protrude out for usage.

What Is The Device Exactly

Lots of people see this device and quite frankly, they are scared to use it. I can’t say that I blame them really. The device is what many claim to be the newest or latest and greatest in terms of nano-needle technology. The product is patented and has been tested for use on your skin.

How it works is quite simple. The needles within the device work quickly on the mole or freckle. This needle causes a plasma to produce due to the high temperature. It happens almost immediately.

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What happens is that the device ends up removing the mole or freckle and it then creates a scab in order to prevent an infection from occurring. Shortly after, the scab will fall off and the mole or freckle will be gone. Once your body sheds itself of the scab, your skin will look and feel smooth without any spots at all.

Device Features and Details

Based on my personal research, this nano-needle device seems to be safe and simple to use. It’s one of the most common spot remover devices purchased today. However, that doesn’t mean that other treatment methods aren’t as effective. There are plenty of other products such as the Skinpro Spot Remover that works just as well and is less invasive.

I do like that this Spot Remover Pro is simple to carry around and transport. The reason this matters to me is that many people travel to make a living and convenience is a huge factor we all consider when it comes to skin care today.

The three different intensity levels seem to be perfect for treating various symptoms. The lower level is typically used for removing skin spots and freckles. Higher intensity levels are used to remove skin tags and moles.

You will not feel any electric current nor will you bleed when using this product. It’s not invasive or painful like one would think. You will be able to remove spots from your skin without damaging normal skin that doesn’t have any issues. There will be no bleeding and it’s easy to carry and simple to use. If you’re worried about the charge, it will hold a charge for five hours worth of usage. That’s a lot of spot and mole removal!

Buying The Product

If you’re looking to buy the Spot Eraser Pro device, then you’re in luck. There are literally a bunch of websites online that seem to be selling this device. The good news is that most have it available for purchase for less than $30.00.

Our Advice:  Buy it on Amazon.

Based on my research, you’re not going to be able to purchase this product in a store. Instead, you’ll need to purchase it via online from a third-party retailer.

Please be careful when purchasing this online. Devices like this are often replicated and illegally manufactured to sell much cheaper than the actual product. My advice would be to not buy the product from a shady website. You’ll definitely get scammed if you do.

Want to learn more about the product? Check out this video on the Spot Eraser Pro.

If you’re looking for other products that remove spots, moles, freckles, and skin tags, then I’m going to suggest you continue looking around You’ll find that we post LOTS of reviews on products that can help with these types of issues. If I were you, I’d start by reading all of the product reviews on the website.

I’d also go out of my way to search the Internet for more options. As previously stated, this product isn’t the only one on the market today that can help eliminate your moles. In fact, the Extreme Remover by Skinpro works pretty well too.

Should you end up buying this product and using it, we’d love to see and hear your results. If you do share your results we will pay you. Yes, you heard that correct! The results must be yours and exclusive to Please contact us for more details on how to earn money for sharing your skin care product use experience.

Spot Eraser Pro
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