Spironolactone For Acne

While we typically prefer to shy away from taking about medication and pharmaceutical-related topics, this is one that we couldn’t resist covering. Many of our reader today suffer from hormonal acne. So many of them have tried everything under the kitchen sink with no progress. That’s when they often turn to spironolactone in order to fix their skin.

We’re not doctors here and we’re not trying to tell you what to do when it comes to your skin, hormones, and body. However, it is our duty as skin care content publishers to share everything we know on any skin-related topics. That’s exactly why we’re covering spironolactone for acne today and what you must know about it.

Using spironolactone for acne

What Is Spironolactone And Does It Cure Acne?

I won’t sugar coat anything here with regards to this topic. Too many people are battling hormonal acne and the less beating around the bush the better.

The hard truth about this type of acne is that it can get just about anyone and many females battle it for days, months, even years. Some of those skin care “warriors” are lucky enough to beat it with just applying topical products.

However, some people need something that packs a meaner punch. They look into retinoids, medicated pads, antibiotics and many other things. Some people even turn to prescription pills or they beast mode¬†with Accutane. However, what many of those people likely don’t realize is that spironolactone is another secret pill that might help.

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It’s worked for some but not all. Using spironolactone for acne isn’t common practice because it’s generally used to treat cardiovascular issues. If you’ve got hormone issues then it can help clear up acne that arises due to those levels. It’s for women, it’s a secret pill and many have had success with it.

How Does The Secret Pill Work?

This pill works by literally blocking certain effects that your hormones may cause on you skin. Many women actually take spironolactone for their cardio and heart issue as well as hormonal acne. I guess you can say that those patients are winning all around through the use of the pill. If you’re having skin issues and you are not seeing a dermatologist, then that’s the first thing that I’d recommend you do. There are side effects to taking any medications and it’s super important to know what you’re taking and the long term effects of taking them.

Things To Understand About Taking Spironolactone

Whether you’re going to pop this pill daily to help improve your skin or to improve your cardiovascular system, there are a few things that you must understand about taking it.

Be Ready To Pee

The first thing that’s likely to happen is you’re going to have to use the restroom more. Since Spironolactone is a diuretic, you’ll be flushing your system our more frequently and that means peeing more. Retaining fluids will be hard, but not a problem so long as you keep your body hydrated.

It Takes Months

This pill may be magic in a bottle for your hormonal acne but you’ll need to be on it for a few months before you see real results from using it. It’s just like dieting, you need to commit and really stick with it for months if you want to make progress. Trust me, it’ll work.

Hair May Thin

On a negative note, your hair may start to thin out a bit. This happens because it cuts out hormones that are responsible for keeping your hair coarse and thick. You’ll have to decide whether or not this is for you and if thin hair is okay for the time being.

Bloat Be Gone

I’m not entirely sure why, but some people have reported that bloating has reduced due to being on this pill. You’ll find out if you try it out.

Your Doctor Must Watch You Like A Hawk

If you want to take this route, then you’re going to have to get your blood checked before jumping on the spironolactone pill. They’ll test for potassium and confirm that your levels are normal before prescribing the pill. It’s science and medicine related stuff. Leave that worry to the doctors, that’s what they’re paid to deal with.

Must Avoid If Trying To Get Pregnant

Assuming you’re in the stages of your life where you want to get pregnant, then you can’t think about using this pill. Using spironolactone for acne while pregnant or breastfeeding is just a bad idea. It can cause birth defects and that’s nothing to joke about nor chance. If you want to have a baby, then get off it pronto!

Keep Salt And Potassium To A Minimum

If you’re taking this pill, then you need to keep your salt and potassium levels to a minimum. That means slow down on the banana consumption and put down the salt shaker. Not doing as you’re told can lead to heart issues. This is the main reason why doctors check your levels via a blood sample.

Avoid Too Much Sun

Do not forget to apply sunscreen if you’re using spironolactone. This pill can make your skin extra sensitive and too much sun exposure isn’t going to help your skin look better. Slap on some SPF 30 at a minimum and wear it daily.

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It’s Not Going To Keep Your Skin Acne Free Always

There’s a chance that you still might have some breakout periods from time to time, but nothing like you’ve had in the past. However, it’s better to have less versus constant hormonal acne on your face. A couple of zits is nothing to fret over really.

Conclusion: Here’s The Final Scoop…

The skinny on using spironolactone to help improve your acne is quite simple. In a nutshell, it might be just what you need if you’re looking to achieve normal, average skin status. If you are willing to commit and you’re in for the long haul, then kudos to you. I’d suggest contacting your dermatologist to see what they’ve got to say about your hormonal acne. The good news is that there’s always a solution out there, so long as you search hard enough, I know you’ll find it!

Spironolactone For Acne
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