Skin Care Services & Spa Owner Linden Tyler Is Putting NorCal On The Map


It’s been a great week so far and I’ve been connecting with lots of individuals in the skin care industry. This week I had the pleasure of connecting with Linden Tyler, owner, and operator of Linden and Company Salon & Spa located in NorCal.

I sat down with Linden to connect and discuss the spa and skin care services he offers as well as some other industry related stuff. Keep reading below to get an idea of what Linden Tyler is doing in Northern California to improve people’s skin and educate individuals.

linden tyler NorCal spa skin care owner interview

Linden Tyler Shares His Personal Fondness For Skin Care

After meeting with Linden, he had a lot of great things to share with me about his services, the skin care industry as well as some personal skincare tips that he wanted to share with us. Since he’s well-known for creating and sharing skin care quotes, I had to find out which were his favorite. Check out the interview below to find out!

What made you start a spa and skin care service company?

Out of school, I was added to a color line team as an educator, and it took me all over the country. At the end of each stay, I would visit a spa and get a treatment done. I started making mental notes on what I loved, disliked, and what I would do differently if I had my own spa. With a need in our community with great services and reasonable prices, our spa was born.

What’s your background in, tell me a little about yourself

I have had a background in beauty before I could walk. My mother has had a popular salon all my life and still continues to work. I am a licensed cosmetologist, focused on skin care and hair. I was a key market trainer for Tressa Inc. as well as becoming an educator for Lira Clinical Skincare. Since day one I have always wanted to give back. Annually, the entire spa gives 100% of one day to the Humboldt Community Breast Health Project.

Additionally, I have been an educator for Look Good Feel Better for the past seven years. It is an important program for me because I have been personally touched by the effects of cancer.  I have donated over 600 haircuts to make wigs used by cancer patients. I’ve always believed in continued education. I continually learn and keep updated on the latest trends and products to stay true to an ever evolving industry. I am absolutely mad for peels.

What products do you use most in your spa?

This is a two-part answer: Part one, when I do lectures I teach about the importance of sanitization products. Quats and any other disinfecting products are the products used most in our spa. Without them, we wouldn’t be capable of doing multiple clients in a day.

Part two, my most used skin care products would have to be Lira’s Caviar Cream, used in all our facials. Light stim is also a favorite of mine. I use both personally and any product that I can say is in my personal routine means a lot to the client. I am not only selling a product I am selling my personal lifestyle.

What are the most popular treatments that you offer at the spa?

Our signature anti-aging facial is by far the most popular service we offer. It is a combination of the great products and the environment I have created for this service that keeps clients loyal. Our speed waxing is probably the second most popular service we offer. With our competitive rates and expert speed, it makes it a top service.

What type of clientele do you cater to most?

We service all walks of life. Skin care is a business where we want the youth to come in but their income prohibits a lot. Our skin guests are in the 30+ category because most see the importance of anti-aging. They are comfortable with spending money on quality products & routine services.

I was once featured on television for doing a wedding on OWN network and since then my bridal clientele has increased. I have a loyal clientele that appreciates my “no nonsense, no gimmick” approach. One of my oldest clients and I jokingly refer to her routine as “hospice for skin” because she knows, due to her age there is only so much we can do to maintain her youth.

What are some of the most important things you recommend your clients do for their skin?

Sun protection such as wearing SPF every day is the most important advice that I can give. In today’s ever changing climate we cannot predict how much exposure we are going to be getting. This quick and easy recommendation can deter signs of aging. I also recommend my clients to watch their water intake, as most can do better.

What is your personal favorite skin care product?

My personal favorite skin care product is Lira’s Mystiq Illuminating Cleanser. I use it when I shave when I wake up in the morning, and to cleanse after a long day. It’s filled with quality ingredients and the fragrance is great. I was recently using the same cleanser for over a decade and was scared to death to switch products, however from the first day of using the Mystiq Illuminating cleanser it was smooth sailing with a noticeably better result.

What are your future plans?

I am always striving for more. My next plan is to be working with a new line, furthering my own education along with teaching nationally, and having a stronger following.

Where can someone get spa services and how can they get in touch with you?

The spa is located at 1122 5th Street, Eureka, California, 95501. We are by Appointment only at 707-441-9428. Our spa services and information are on I am requested nationally for weddings and lectures as well.

What is your favorite Skin Care quote?

Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.

-Linden Tyler

I came up with this quote in Jr. High for a project not knowing I would be going into the beauty industry. I have always seen the importance of skin care.


Who needs candlelight when your skin can glow.

-Linden Tyler

Here’s a video of the salon if you’re interested in seeing what the location looks like.

Special thanks to Linden Tyler for taking the time to sit down and speak with me this week. I enjoyed it. For those of you that interested in discussing things related to skin products and treatments, business or the industry in general, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. I love to connect with as many people as possible.

Skin Care Services & Spa Owner Linden Tyler Is Putting NorCal On The Map
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