Sothys Review: Sold In 20,000 Spas Worldwide!

I’ve been doing some research on skin care companies based in sunny South Florida (like this one). One that I recently came across was Sothys. While this isn’t the main location for the company, they do have a presence in South Florida so I continued with my investigation. That said, the following review serves a purpose of covering everything possible about the Sothys Skincare company.

They’ve have been around since 1946 and have successfully brought many different skincare products to the market. I should mention that their market territory is essentially worldwide, not just the United States. The company is actually located in France and ever since the 1970’s they have made the products available throughout various locations within the US and globally thereafter.

The company expanded their basic skincare line and today Sothys product ranges include skin care products for both men and women. They’ve also come out with a sun protection and organic line of products.

sothys skin care review

More About Sothys Skin & Beauty Cosmetics

The Sothys cosmetics company has been devoted to creating a reputable skincare range for many years and for many types of people. This means that anyone, no matter their skin type, can find all the necessary products within their lines.

The company was founded by Dr. Hotz, a medical biologist. Sothys continues to honor is the vision and still, to this day, they maintain a high level of standards and professionalism as far as their products and corporate governance are concerned. All the products have been created and formulated by highly trained experts and injunction with innovative universities as well as research laboratories.

Make no mistake about it, the Sothys skincare company takes great pride in their product creation and they stand behind their quality. It should come to no surprise that the Sothys products are featured in some of the most high-end professional spas throughout the world. Speaking of products, time to get down to business here and share the scoop on these goods.

Product Selection

I mentioned that the Sothys product line varies widely. They make and sell different beauty products for both women and men. The company carries skin care products, body care products, limited edition products, a prestige line of products and a line of organic products. Their makeup line is what most would consider popular and highly sought after by many professional makeup artists.

As far as product categorization goes, the Sothys products can easily be distinguished from one another and selected based around skin type. In fact, the brand produces specific products for specific types of skin. I always suggest that you approach things based on your personal needs and skin type, not just product popularity. That’s just my two cents and approach I guess.

What’s The Cost?

The prices vary quite a bit depending on what you’re looking to purchase. They run anywhere from about $20 to $150, depending on the product. All of their products can be found online via the official company website.

The downside of this is that you can’t make a purchase through the website. But the website does offer a solution to those looking to purchase the product. They have a spa locator on the site, and you can browse through it in order to find the nearest location carrying the products.

I did a few searches and found that they’re available at lots of locations. You can actually find the Sothys products in almost every major city and can even test them out personally before making a purchase. I’d also like to mention that the products can be found on the major cosmetics retail websites. However, you want to be careful where you buy them online. Just use your common sense if you’re going to buy them.


It goes without saying that the different products offered by Sothys obviously have different ingredients in each of them. As the brand is devoted to high quality, this also reflects in the sourced materials and the passion that they have for playing the innovation card.

I will not go into detail about specific products, but what I can do is outline the most common ingredients present (or not) in Sothys products.

I hate to kick things off on a negative note, but I will…

The added fragrances in some of the skin care products are most often the main cause for irritation issues to develop. That’s likely why most of their products are fragrance-free. They’ve taken this approach with people with sensitive skin in mind.

Then, there are the plant extracts like rosemary oil, hazel leaf, citrus fruit, soybean oil, licorice root extract and many more that have been proven to be quite good for your skin.

The anti-aging line of products contains things like peptides and acids which stimulate collagen production. They also help remove the built-up dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, leaving you with a refreshed look and feel.

The company claims that most of their products are free of preservatives, namely paraben. Lots of people hate this ingredient and companies are going to the extent of referring to themselves as the paraben-free skin care line. Paraben-based preservatives cause skin irritation, as well as acne breakouts. That is most likely why Sothys has decided to avoid incorporating paraben into their products. They’ve gone in a completely different direction regarding the addition of preservatives in the products. For that, I do give them credit.


The good ingredients, innovative approach, and top-tier ingredients make this a brand worth keeping an eye on at a minimum.

There are primarily positive reviews written by consumers on product use. Many people have found products within the line that they like. There are, of course, some negative reviews, but those which are negative are pretty much from people with very sensitive.

That’s usually the case, either that or it’s someone looking for immediate results, and they’ll never get them. I guess the bottom line is that the products have a solid reputation within the industry and they’re somewhat affordable. If you’re a spa fan, then head to one that offers the products and you’ll soon realize that it just might be the answer to your skin concerns.

Sothys Review: Sold In 20,000 Spas Worldwide!
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