Sophia Bush Shares Skin and Beauty Hacks


Sophia Bush is most known for her previous role in One Tree Hill and now current Chicago P.D. role. The 33-year-old has had a very successful career and she’s not shy about sharing the secrets that have led her to achieve the flawless skin status that she’s successfully known for having.

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Sophia Bush Beauty Hacks Revealed

Sophia revealed that she uses an oil wash to remove her makeup. She prefers to use what’s known as a black soap bar, that apparently makes you look crazy while washing your face with it (don’t let the mirror scare you). When you can’t get your hands on the black soap bar, she recommends going with a cleanser that has active ingredients such as charcoal and “Dead Sea” mud.

Sophia Bush also knows how important it is to wash your face every night before going to bed. That’s not a secret that she revealed but there is one that you might not think of and it’s supposedly a pretty dirty secret. Sophia said, “One of the important things is making sure you clean your brushes,” when she spoke with the folks over at She prefers to remain eco-friendly always and chooses her brushes with that in mind.

Sophie claims that she tries to clean her brushes once per week by washing them and letting them dry overnight.

Lastly, she recommends that you really try and put forth the effort to start the day off feeling confident. That means putting forth your best effort to feel good about yourself.

If you’re looking for a great health and beauty role model, then Sophia Bush might be the one. She’s young, cares about the environment, she believes in living a healthy lifestyle and is all about confidence. I’d suggest you follow her on Instagram for more powerful beauty hacks.

If you’re looking for more beauty hacks and skin care secrets from famous celebrities, then I suggest you take some time to peruse our website. You’ll find quite a few updates where I’ve shared some of the secrets of today’s hottest Hollywood stars.

Sophia Bush Shares Skin and Beauty Hacks
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