Some Myths That Might Be Destroying Your Skin


There are so many hacks out there that exist today when it comes to skin care. Let’s face it, we’re all lazy and don’t typically want to put forth the effort to achieve perfect skin. Though sometimes that may seem like a ton of work, it’s really not.

However, I’d say that if 90% of us don’t follow a skin care routine or regimen, then our skin goes south pretty quickly. With routines come good practices as well as bad. The problem that lots of people have is that we often are misguided or are fed lies especially when it comes to treatments and caring for our skin. Which is why I’m here today to share some of those myths. I’m doing so in hopes that it will help reprogram your brain and get you thinking differently when it comes to treating your skin. Who knows, reading this might just be the answer to your skin issues.

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Myths About Your Skin That You Must Understand

These myths are in no particular order. In fact, if I could list them all as being the most important myth, I would – but I can’t! So, this list in whatever fashion it’s presented will just have to do.

Myth #1: Washing your face with hot water opens up your pores and keeps them clean and clear.

If you’re spending time waiting for the water to get boiling hot just so you can painfully wash your face with it, then you’re doing it all wrong. This approach will not lead to clean pores. In fact, it could lead to pimples.


It has everything to do with the fact that this approach leaves your skin dehydrated, dry, and sensitive. Eventually, your skin will begin to produce too much oil and you will break out. Steer clear from the boiling hot water.

Myth #2: Popping your pimples is a must if you want to heal your skin quicker.

People think that popping their pimples will help open them up and speed up the recovery process. Guess what, that doesn’t work and it won’t no matter how much you want it to work. The bottom line is that when you pop your pimples most of the pus actually ends up deeper in your pores than on the surface. That’s typically the reason why more pimples form when you pop one. If you simply cannot help yourself, then be sure to use a comedone extractor to pop a pimple.

However, if I were you, I’d avoid popping your pimples completely if possible.

Myth #3: You must use force and exfoliate intensely to get rid of acne.

Scrubbing and exfoliating to forcefully will no doubt make your skin worse. If you’re too abrasive then you’re going to hurt your skin, not help it. What many people don’t realize is that the bacteria that typically cause acne to form is deep in the layers of your skin. It’s not on the surface and the scrubbing that you’re doing only typically reaches the surface. That said, all that aggressive scrubbing is just damaging the surface of your skin. In other words, it’s just scratching the surface.

Myth #4: Toothpaste can clear up your acne.

Some people use toothpaste as a facial product and those people are typically the ones still dealing with acne issues. To be blunt, there’s nothing in toothpaste that makes your toothpaste better than the traditional treatments. In fact, using toothpaste on your skin can cause excessive drying and burning on the skin even.

Myth #5: Facials on the regular will prevent acne breakouts from occurring.

Believe it or not, getting facials too frequently might do more harm than good. Facials can actually do a lot of damage and although they feel really good for some people, they don’t really have long-term effects or benefits that are positive. Most of the steps which are part of the facial treatment are good short-term but they will not prevent breakouts in the long run, that’s for sure.

Myth #6: There’s only one way to care for your skin properly.

That’s like saying there’s only one way to diet and lose weight. Anyone that thinks there’s only a single way to fix their skin, well, I have some snake oil I want to sell them. But seriously, if you think with a one track mind, eventually you’ll figure out that’s not the case. There are many ways to get to where you want to go, you just need to find it.

Well, if you can grasp these myths, then I can almost guarantee your skin will be grateful for doing so!

Some Myths That Might Be Destroying Your Skin
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