Sofia Vergara From Modern Family Shares Her Healthy Living Tips


There’s nothing more exciting to me than hearing skin care advice from a famous celebrity. Given that there are so many out there willing and able to give advice, it’s hard to know who to believe and when. However, when someone mentions the name Sofia Vergara, my ears spring up and yes, I’m all ears. She’s perhaps one of the most successful celebrities on the Modern Family sitcom show.

Sofia Vergara is not only highly talented, she’s also very well paid and she takes great care of her skin and body in general. This 46-year-old A-List celebrity knows a thing or two about keeping herself looking beautiful. In fact, she knows so much that companies have reached out to her asking her to be their brand ambassador.

Since she’s so set on keeping her and her skin healthy, we had to take notes and get a better understanding of the things that she does to stay young looking.

sofia vergara skin tips
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Sofia Vergara’s Skin Care Secrets To Success As You Age

Given that Sofia is always looking perfect on camera, it’s only right that we take her advice when it comes to caring for skin. Sofia Vergara actually recently admitted to that she has habitually used masks and scrubs on a regular basis.

She was legit crazy about them – no lie.

That’s since changed and she’s had to simplify things as she’s gotten older. Reason being, Sofia suffers from rosacea which you can read more about here. It’s a common condition but the irritation issues she has to deal with are not easy and they are the main reason why she has to keep her skin routine simple these days.

If you’re suffering from the same condition, then I’ll suggest that you go lightly with the retinol use as it could make things a whole lot worse. The same goes for vitamin C use on your face. As for your neck region and chest or decollete area, you’ll be fine trying out new products in those regions most likely.

As for the specifics, you’ll want to keep reading because I’m covering Sofia Vergara’s night routine now. She uses a sponge nightly to remove her makeup. That sponge gets changed out once a week and she only uses a very mild soap on her skin. On rare occasions that she doesn’t have any work lined up, she’ll work in a retinol treatment with the use of some moisturizer the following morning. In the evening, Sofia will use a calendula oil to help calm her skin. Now for during the day, she applies sunblock every morning before leaving the house.

She provided some tips for inside-out advice as well. I’m talking about eating and living a healthy lifestyle. She eats lots of veggies, lots of blueberries, and she drinks green tea. Oh, one other tip she gave was to drink a lot of water – as much as possible!

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Sofia Vergara does workout on a regular basis. She does this not because she enjoys doing it so much but because she loves staying healthy for her profession. One thing that Sofia’s been doing which seems to make all the difference in the world is lifting weights.

Now, you probably think that she’s powerlifting or something like that, but not a chance. In fact, she’s actually just using some lightweight dumbbells (less than ten pounds for the most part). The weights keep her muscles tight and ultimately they help keep her skin tight as well. She claims to have tried other physical activities too such as Pilates and spinning but the weights are what works best for her.

Mental health matters too, so she always puts her mental health at the forefront of everything. I can’t say that I blame her really. To all the Sofia Vergara fans and Modern Family fans out there, please take her advice and do something good for your body and skin! Years down the road you will thank me for sure.

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Sofia Vergara From Modern Family Shares Her Healthy Living Tips
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