Social Media Girls Share Skin Care Secrets


After doing my typical social media and news monitoring I thought it would be a good idea to share some information that I learned. Some of the hottest girls on social media today have shared their tips and tricks to great skin. Some of these girls have huge followings and their advice should not be taken lightly. After all, they do have fantastic skin and if someone looks good then chances are they are not only dishing out good advice but they’re practicing what they preach.

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Sofia Sanchez de Betak Credit: Instagram

Beauty Tips From Popular Girls In Social Media

To not waste any more of your time, I’m going to jump right into things. Here are some uber popular ladies of social media and a few tips from each of them.

Jourdan Dunn: IG @officialjdunn
I figured I’d start with a supermodel. Jourdan Dunn is a model under contract with Maybelline New York. She’s also a mother that has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to treating herself at home. One of her tricks is Sunday DIY facial day. Every Sunday she creates her own facial. She goes above and beyond, taking care to incorporate a cleanse, peel, steam, and facial masks. This may sound like a piece of cake but it’s a lot of work, especially when you’re a working mom that needs to keep her skin perfect and blemish free.

Jessica Alba: IG @jessicaalba
This celeb is no stranger to social stardom. Apparently, Jessica Alba likes to use her very own Magic Balm and applies it around her eyes. This natural product helps keep Jessica’s skin glowing for hours on end while filming. As you must know, Jessica has her own line of natural skin care products and if that doesn’t show how important healthy skin is to her then I don’t know what does.

Weylie Hoang:IG @weylie
You may have seen Weylie if you’ve spent any time on YouTube lately. She has her own channel and although she’s constantly in a battle with her own skin, people admire her for her natural beauty and ability to look perfect on camera. Everyone doesn’t get tagged with #goals by others. That’s pretty powerful stuff in the health and beauty space. If you’re into watching videos, I suggest you check out our official Skin Care video channel on YouTube.

Sofia Sanchez de Betak: IG @chufy
Looking this good doesn’t come naturally for most. The good news for Sofia is that it does for her. Sofia steers clear of makeup unless she’s headed to a party. She prefers clear and clean skin versus the caked on look. I can’t say that I blame her either!

Well, all of these girls are impacting millions of individuals making decisions how to care for their skin. It’s hard enough to keep your skin clear, now with a little bit of help from girls that “get it” we all have a better chance of being blemish free! Special thanks to Glamour Magazine for doing the original story.

Social Media Girls Share Skin Care Secrets
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