Snapchat Filters Bring Out The White In People!


Snapchat users are obsessed with a couple of things, one of which is looking awesome when on the selfie grind. However, many users are concerned and perhaps downright upset that the filters favor white skin complexions. Why? Well, because they make your skin look unnaturally white. Users are pissed and they aren’t shy about it…

snapchat filters make people white

Snapchat Filters Are Making Everyone Look Whiter

Some of the popular female users of Snapchat are making it well know that the filters are lightening users skin tones. The main issue seems to be the flower crown filter that everyone is up in arms about.

What else do the beautifying filters do? Well, they lighten your eyes and make your skin lighter. They’ve also been known to make some people’s noses and jaws smaller.

Filter number one, known as the flower crown filter, does in fact, make users skin much lighter than it actually is. However, it makes the entire photo lighter, not just the individual. Check out the results in a photo below of a Buzzfeed employee that decided to share her results after using one of the app filters.

snapchat filter makes skin white
Credit: – This was pulled from an article that Buzzfeed wrote on the topic.

Filter number two known as the “pretty” filter, based on my research, can reduce the natural tone of your skin causing a smoother and pinker tone to exist.

There’s also a temporary beauty filter that digitally adds makeup the user’s faces. According to one user, the filter narrowed her jawline and lightened her skin as well as the entire photo.

My personal thoughts on the filters.

Honestly, why on earth is everyone getting fired up about some ridiculous social media app filter just because it makes your skin look a little (or in some cases, a lot) lighter?

If you don’t like the results of the filter then stop using it. It’s really that simple. Maybe stop spending so much time taking Snapchat selfies and you won’t have anything to complain about. I know I sound harsh but it’s the truth. It’s Monday and I’m going to rant! The controversy is ridiculous, to say the least. Moving right along…

Snapchat Filters Bring Out The White In People!
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