Snail Mucin Products Are Trendy AF Right Now!


Have you ever said to yourself? I bet if I were to take that snail and rub it on my face it would do wonders for my skin. You’ve never in your life thought anything of that sort, right? Well, guess what…

Someone at some point thought just that and not only did they think it but they acted on it as well. This one person my very well be responsible for this so-called snail mucin trend that’s occurring today. While I can’t say that’s exactly how it happened, I can say that I believe something along those lines did occur.

There’s absolutely no denying the fact that snail mucus or mucin is the hottest skin care ingredient of 2018 (right now). We can trace this use all the way back to when the Romans and Greeks were around. They knew about the anti-inflammatory powers that these snails possessed.

In fact, there were snail farmers that noticed their skin looked so much better on their hands versus the rest of their body that it was extremely noticeable. Many believe that it has a lot to do with touching the snails on a regular basis.

I guess that’s how it all got started. What’s most important though today is what snail mucin can do for your skin (if applied) and which products you should consider…

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Here’s The Scoop On Snail Mucin Today

For the record, these farmers are not the ones that came up with the idea to incorporate snail mucin into beauty and skin products. It was actually the Korean’s that thought of doing so. Koreans are all about incorporating exotic ingredients all in the name of better looking skin. In fact, the $7+ billion dollar industry says it all.

Ever since Korean Beauty made its way over to the United States, so have the snails and other exotic skin treatments.

But before taking any action, you’ll want to know why you should think about incorporating this ingredient into your skin regimen, right? Well, I’ll tell you why! Snail mucin contains elements and properties that assist with a lot of things related to your skin condition. I’m talking about glycolic acid, copper peptides, hyaluronic acid, antimicrobials, proteins, even elastin.

What’s not to love about it? Aside from the fact that it’s creepy and slimey!

Oh but wait, there’s more!

Snail mucin can also help firm up your skin, minimize your wrinkles, repair any damaged skin, even out your skin tone, boost moisture levels, and tighten your skin overall. I also love that your sin type has virtually no impact on things here as it’s suitable for all.

I know you’re probably really concerned, but I want you to know that no snails were actually harmed in the making of this snail mucin. It’s a very simple process that doesn’t incorporate the use of any of harm, period.

Product Options

If you’re looking for product options, then you’ve come to the right place. Snail mucin can be found in a number of products on the market today. Take for example the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream (purchase here). This is a solid choice for anyone looking to test the waters out for the first time. I mean, for $45 it’s tough to not give it a shot.

You can also give the TonyMoly products a shot as some of them contain snail secretions as well. Oh, let me not forget about the Kenra and the CosRX brands, both of which are definitely great choices if you’re looking to join the snail mucin trend.

However, before you jump on this band wagon, I just want you to promise me that you’re going to do your homework and actually research the brands. You’re going to go out of your way and read skin product reviews, not just dive in without knowing what you’re getting into. That’s never been a good approach, just saying.

Good luck and let me know how your week progresses with your snail mucin journey.

Snail Mucin Products Are Trendy AF Right Now!
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