Smoking versus Vape and its effect on Skin

Smoking versus Vape

If you have been around any smokers in your life you are probably more than aware of the huge impact smoking can have on your skin.  The effects of nicotine can cause your teeth to yellow and premature wrinkles.  The chemicals in cigarettes can also damage your nails and cuticles.  While vaping is not without cons, there is solid evidence supporting the electronic cigarettes versus the traditional.  This article will focus on highlighting the difference and the dangers you should be aware of.

The biggest difference between the e-cig and tobacco ones is the nicotine delivery method.  When you light up a cigarette, you are heating up thousands of chemicals that burn and produce smoke.  You inhale the smoke, then release.  The primary smoke damages through the inhalation process around the throat, nose, and mouth.  The second-hand smoke and burning of chemicals affect your hands and everything else.

When you use an electronic cigarette, you are inhaling the nicotine without the smoke.  You are avoiding the thousands of chemicals that help prevent the yellowing and wrinkling.   You are not quite out of the park though.  Nicotine is not very healthy for the skin. Just because you are missing out on most of the toxins, you are still intaking the big one.  Keep in mind that when you are smoking, you are not getting all the nutrients to your skin as they need.  You can expect to see some wrinkling and drying of the skin.

One of the biggest dangers with the intake of nicotine is delayed wound healing.  If you have smoked for a long time, you know that small scratches and bruises can take a longer to heal than normal.  Remember, nicotine causes your blood vessels to contract and takes away oxygen from cells.  This means that your platelets and blood cells have a tougher time clotting.  Since this is a direct effect from nicotine, it is hard to say which one is worse for you.

The last major skin concern when it comes to vaping or smoking is the onset of skin cancer or psoriasis or a version of lupus that effects the skin.  These types of skin disorders can really damage your overall health, ability to get better, and leave your skin marred.  Research has estimated that your chances of developing these disorders is almost double what it is for non-smokers.  There is not enough evidence yet to prove that e-cigs have a less effect than cigarettes in this department.

Overall, nicotine is one of the biggest culprits in hurting your skin while vaping and smoking.  On one hand, cigarettes cause more damage because your burning toxins and chemicals.  On the other, e-cigs is currently an unregulated business.  This means that you may getting more nicotine in your system than smoking a regular cigarette.   The choice is yours when it comes to your body, but these are the risks you should know going into it.  As of now, both smoking and vaping can have negative effects on your skin.  If you understand the risks and are interested in vaping, shopst for your vape juice needs.

Smoking versus Vape and its effect on Skin
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