Smokey Robinson Launches Skinphonic Skin Care Brand


Smokey Robinson and his wife are officially in the skin care game with their new brand, Skinphonic. Their line is said to be for individuals of color, and not just for African Americans. It’s for people of all color. The company has one goal in mind, to help improve the hyperpigmentation issues that many individuals in society today have to deal with. If you have this kind of skin, then you might want to keep reading. Their story is quite interesting and I’m going to share what I can with you about their adventure into the skin care industry.

smokey robinson skin care line skinphonic

Smokey Robinson And His Wife Launch Skinphonic Brand

Now that you know the main reason they’ve launched this brand, you need to familiarize yourself with the “why” and “how” aspects. The 66-year-old music icon and his wife noticed that very few products, if any, existed for those of color dealing with hyperpigmentation issues. I’m sure there are plenty of unknown brands out there that cater to the same issues but do they actually work? That’s the real question.

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They each decided to begin contacting doctors to connect with professionals within the industry. They actually got started just to create a product that they could personally use. Low and behold, it turned out to be something they could sell to consumers.

You’re probably wondering how they got started and the timeframe in which they did all of this. Well, I’ll tell you what, according to my sources, they spent a couple of years doing research and development on the product. Apparently, they started to like the results and decided to actually share them with their fans. According to Smokey Robinson, he says that “A lot of white people in our friend circle have been using it,” which goes to show that he truly did develop it for all skin complexions.

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Robinson describes Skinphonic as a healer versus a “masker.” Many products that are available on the market today are simply “maskers” that help relieve or reduce symptoms.

There are a number of different types of products that Skinphonic manufacturers specifically for both men and women. I suggest you check out the Skinphonic company website for more details on their product line.

I’d like to also mention that we are pretty well connected with many of the celebrity skin care brands on the market today. If you know of any that haven’t been featured on our site, please do reach out and let us know more about the brand. Given the size of the industry, it’s tough for us to stay on top of everything with regards to famous people launching brands. However, we do our best to try and stay on top of the latest industry trends.

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Smokey Robinson Launches Skinphonic Skin Care Brand
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