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One of the many results of smoking cigarettes is the impact that it has on your lips. People that regularly smoke end up developing something that’s known as smoker’s lips. Basically, it’s a term that’s frequently used to describe the terrible impact that smoking can have one your lips and the skin close by your mouth. The problem with this condition is that most people don’t even recognize the issue until it’s too late.

By the time they notice the damage has been done and they look weathered or aged. As you get older, your collagen levels begin to decrease and your skin will be damaged to a point of no return. Smoking injunction with sun exposure can lead to dull, rough and dreary looking skin. While it’s not simple, there are treatments that you can apply to your skin which might help make you look younger. These treatments require regular and consistent effort and the treatment can be relatively expensive as well.

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What Exactly Are Smokers Lips?

So, for those that don’t know what smokers lips are, they are a basically lips that have evident wrinkles all around the mouth as well as dark lips. I’ll first do my best to cover the wrinkles that form around the mouth. It’s not uncommon for heavy smokers to develop vertical lines on their face.

While the condition does develop in individuals that don’t smoke, the condition is more prevalent in smokers lips due to the excessive puckering and the smoke that is present. Smoke is absolutely horrible for your skin in general, so it goes without saying that it’s terrible for your lips as well. While one drag of a cigarette isn’t likely to do too much damage. The repetition of taking hundreds of thousands of drags over the years can really do damage to your lips. Honestly, it can even add up to a million drags or more. That fact is terrifying really! To think that each cigaretteĀ drag is hurting your body and damaging your skin, you may carelessly be harming your body multiple times a day and without a care in the world (truly scary).

It’s also common for people with smokers lips to notice darkening on their lips. The dark tint is present for a number of reasons. The first reason is due to the tar which is present in the smoke. Tar is sticky and can build up in your lungs and on your lips. This build-up tends to cause your lips to appear darker than normal. Another reason why the skin on your lips may darken is directly related to melanin build up.

Addressing The Issue

Your lips are very sensitive and are more gentle than most areas of our bodies. If you feel as though you’re developing the condition known as smokers lips then it’s important that you contact your physician before taking any action. This holds true for those looking to lighten their skin and reverse the impact of the damage. If you’re thinking about using any skin lightening product, especially in your lips or mouth region then you need to get professional advice before taking any action.

You need to take care not to ingest certain ingredients. Due to the fact that your lip skin is sensitive and thin, it’s easy to wrongfully ingest ingredients via topical products which can be quite harmful if ingested over a long period of time. There are a few different methods of treating your skin and I’m going to do my best to cover each of them.

The first step you must take is to address the cause of the darkened lips. For example, you need to determine whether or your dark lips are due to tar buildup or excessive melanin production. You need to address this to determine which course of action is best for making changes. If melanin production is your issue then incorporating vitamin C, lemon juice, and green tea extract might help treat your condition.

Your local dermatologist may suggest the use of creams that contain hydroquinone. This ingredient has been known to help limit the production of melanin. However, you should never use any product that contains this ingredient without consulting with a dermatologist. Any other approach can be very dangerous.

If excessive tar buildup is the issue, then incorporating the use of lemon juice may do the trick. The high acidic levels will help reduce the darkness of your skin over a long period of time. If you plan on taking this approach, then you should plan on incorporating the use of a moisturizer as well.

If vertical lines on your lips and wrinkles are the issue then you need to stop puckering up on those darn cigarettes. Smoking can cause the worst wrinkles of them all and it can result is a serious breakdown of collagen. The easiest way to treat these deep wrinkles from smokers lips is to get injections.

Dermal filler injections are pretty much the most effective methods of getting rid of these types of wrinkles. You can also think about incorporating hyaluronic acid fillers in an attempt to smooth out your lips over time. There are other injections that your doctor may choose to perform on you depending on the severity of your wrinkles. Whatever you do, make sure your doctor takes the safest route possible and also takes the most natural route possible.

For those that might not be able to afford injections, you can try to incorporate AHA creams. These are creams that contain alpha hydroxy acids but you need to only use these creams around the lips and not on them. Do not apply it directly to your lips as it’s unsafe to ingest this product.

Last but not least, stop smoking cigarettes for good if you want to prevent smokers lips from becoming a problem. With all the electronic cigarettes on the market today, I can’t think of a single reason why someone would smoke traditional cigarettes today.

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Smokers Lips
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