Smartphone Skin Aging Is Real and Solutions To Fix


People are addicted to using their cell phones today more than they ever have been before. If you take a second to observe the people around you I’m positive that you’ll see 90% of them with a smartphone in their hand. Most people are so focused on accomplishing tasks that they don’t bother to think about the negative impact that these smartphones can have on their bodies. There’s been talk about radiation and other things that could possibly be due to cell phone use. However, one thing that we must not forget is the impact smartphone use has on our skin.

smartphone skin problems
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Smartphone Use and Skin Problems

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank provided The Fashion Spot with a breakdown of gadgets and what they may be attributing towards. Symptoms such as breakouts, lines, and even larger pores may be the result of the use. Below is a list of items and the ailments that may be associated with them.

Texting Neck

Put down that iPad and back away from the computer if you want to avoid getting “Text Neck.” We spend thousands of hours with our heads down, causing double chins and sagging to occur. According to Frank, this is “more visible in the younger demographic.” I have to say that I absolutely agree with Frank here. Given that we spend most of our lives with our heads down, I’m convinced that this activity has something to do with saggy double chins. It’s not the only factor but it’s certainly one of them.

Phone Zone Acne

Frank also stated that “the ‘phone zone’ is prone to breakouts.” What is the ‘phone zone’ exactly? You guessed it! The area of your face where you actually hold the phone to have a conversation. Breakouts can occur due to the transferring of germs from your smartphone to your skin. I should mention that you may not know it but your smartphone is likely an extremely dirty piece of technology and you should care to keep it as clean as possible. To avoid having issues with this Frank said,”it is important to exfoliate the skin.” As previously stated, he also believes in keeping your phone clean as possible and doing so often.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet can also be a result of using your smartphone too often. The text on these phones is so small that we see ourselves squinting almost all day long. In order to avoid having to squint, it’s recommended that you increase both the font and brightness of your phone. Put forth preventative measures to reduce the chances of early onset crow’s feet.

Bunny Lines

If you’re not familiar with what bunny lines, they are the lines along the bridge of the nose and hairline. According to Frank, “These lines can be caused by technology.” He didn’t really go into anymore specifics according to my research but it’s safe to say that he’s probably correct.

Lastly, I’d like to personally provide my own opinion here with regards to smartphones and the impact they have on the aging of our skin. In my opinion, the use of smartphones has drastically increased the overall stress levels of America. I believe that it’s more difficult for us to relax today and that stress has a dramatic impact on our aging process. I suggest you put down the phone and take a vacation once in a while if you want to continue looking young.

Smartphone Skin Aging Is Real and Solutions To Fix
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