Sleeping With Makeup On Is Destroying Your Skin


Ever wondered what sleeping with your makeup on really does to your skin? I’ve got a great video for you to watch. This will show you the actual damage that occurs when doing the unthinkable!

sleeping wearing makeup on face

Sleeping With Makeup On Is Really Bad!

Wearing makeup while you sleep makes it extremely difficult for your skin to recoup and regenerate itself. This is a practice that our bodies have adapted to naturally do each night. When you forget to remove your makeup you skin may start to appear uneven. It can also appear red and dry as well.

If you wear foundation, then you’re putting your skin at further risk Doing so can lead to terrible acne that certainly won’t increase your self-esteem or make you look any prettier.

Eye makeup can have an even worse effect on your skin. If you leave eye makeup on your face overnight, it can clog your oil glands with nasty bacteria and it often leads to eye styes and inflammation in the local area. All that eye serum that you apply to the bags under your eyes, you can kiss that improvement goodbye if you sleep wearing your makeup.

Leaving mascara on has the tendency to cause eyelashes to come out. Not to mention the particles that can end up in your eye causing abrasions on your cornea.

lipstick on face

Let’s move on to lip gloss and lipstick. Leaving any lip products on your skin can cause nasty blackheads. While sleeping, the product moves from your lips to your face, causing your skin to become clogged and irritated.

The other thing to remember is that the polluted air is crawling with free radicals. Makeup is a perfect magnet for these free radicals. Your body begins to collect them throughout the day. None of that is healthy for your skin. The act of sleeping with your makeup only increases the level of exposure that your skin has to free radicals. This can cause wrinkles and further breakdown of healthy collagen.

The point is that you need to wash your face and remove your makeup every single night with no exceptions if you want healthy skin.

Sleeping With Makeup On Is Destroying Your Skin
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