Is Skype For Skin Care Shopping The New Way?


Skype is one of the most widely used forms of communication today. We use it to connect with family, friends, businesses and clients. Basically, we use Skype for everything today and one Wakefield clinic in the UK called Face the Future is using Skype to make your skin care shopping a more enjoyable experience.

skype for skin care

Skin Care Consulting on Skype

According to a recent article published on, the Skype consulting service is run by Kate Bancroft. Kate is a nurse manager and the owner of Face the Future. Her team does a lot of other things. Aside from creating individualized skin care programs, they also manage an online store which houses a number of skin care products with various purposes.

The issue that some face is that many can’t physically get themselves to the company location for a facial or the other skin care treatments provided. That spawned the company to provide clients with online consultations.

According to IBTimes, the individual behind the online consulting idea was none other than, aesthetic practitioner, Chloe Maundrill. The company felt that it was important to further provide better-consulting services to its clients given the number of advanced skin care products that they offer online. Products such as Heliocare and Skinceuticals are available for purchase through the company website.

The company decided to incorporate Skype consulting to better accommodate their customers and have someone available to explain the pros and cons of various skin care brands. Apparently they keep up-to-date with ingredients that are being used in various products. They help customers by sharing their opinions on what one should and shouldn’t incorporate in their skin care routine.

The IBTimes reporter went as far as setting up a Skype appointment with Chloe Maudrill. There are certain steps that were taken during the process. They exchanged a few emails with one another before getting on Skype. She also filled out a long questionnaire which was said to have further assisted during the consultation. According to the individual that had the Skype consultation, there was some skepticism associated with it. The act of sending over a photo of her face and answering a few questions didn’t seem like it was going to be enough to provide good skin care advice. In fact, she said that she “had a flashback of bad department store advice.” On another note, she mentioned that the company did not charge anything for the consultation, nor did the client need to purchase anything of a certain spending value.

That said, her experience was delightful, honest and very interesting. She did purchase products from the company and mentioned that she continued to have consulting sessions every six weeks. In conclusion, I guess the consultation was a good touch and it helped further inform the consumer of the various types of products that exist. The real question is whether or not more skin care companies plan on adopting this Skype based consulting service. As technology advances at an even more rapid pace than yesterday, I can see this becoming the norm!

Is Skype For Skin Care Shopping The New Way?
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