SkinPro Re-Launches Company Website Just In Time For 2018!


We’re huge fans of SkinPro and being that we’re such big fans, we purchase products from them quite a bit. In fact, I couldn’t let the weekend go by without sharing this news with you. SkinPro International Inc. has recently relaunched their website and they’re making buying skin care products as easy as can be.

skinpro site relaunch

SkinPro Site Re-Launches To Kick Off 2018!

We learned of this launch on our own as we’re constantly searching for new product launches and formula updates from various brands. Needless to say, we were happy as can be when we saw this update.

It’s not everyday that you come to a company’s website and see a message from the founder. Tim Schmidt is SkinPro’s founder and CEO. He’s about as transparent as they come given the message that he’s shared with current and future consumers.

SkinPro Tim Schmidt

The company grew at a tremendous rate in 2017, launching 19 new products targeting anti aging. Additionally, they launched three brands which are owned by SkinPro. Some of the new brands and products that they launched were the V-Tightening Gel by Seductiva, Butt & Breast Enhancer by SeductivaSkin Tag and Mole Remover by SkinPro EXTREME, and a few others as well.

But the best part:

They make it effortless to purchase these products!

One thing I really like about SkinPro is that the products are all sold on You might be scratching your head wondering why I think that’s a big deal. Well, if you’re not familiar with Amazon and the way shopping works within the marketplace, then you need to do some shopping to find out!

When you visit the SkinPro website, you’re going to notice buttons that state “Buy on” which means that the product is available for purchase within the world’s largest online shopping network. If that doesn’t scream reliability and trust, then I don’t know what does.

skinpro buy on amazon

Another thing that I like about SkinPro is the fact that they totally avoid the free trial tactic that’s so rampant amongst companies in this space. SkinPro doesn’t need to give away free trials which rebill until the end of time, that’s because they’ve got proof that the products work and they know people love them, including myself.

Anyway, getting back to the new site. If you take the time to click on any of the products showcased on the site, you’ll notice that the Miami, FL based company displays large photos of the products, a complete description, full ingredients list, benefits and even directions on how to apply the products. That’s a whole lot of information readily available whenever you need it.

skinpro products

Now, if you do curiously end up on their site (which we recommend) then you’ll eventually end up on The good news is that there is plenty of proof and customer testimonials for each and every product that they manufacture. Take a close look at the bottom of each product listing and you’ll know what I’m referring to here. There are many product reviews and even videos that have been posted by consumers who have gone out of their way to share their personal opinions on the company as well as individual products.

To be sure you understand what I’m referring to, check out the image below. You’ll notice that verified buyers are leaving feedback about the products. Depending on what your skin care needs are you might want to look into the product types and what each of the product actually offers.

elite serum customer reviews

My advice would be to check out the line of products that they sell within each of the brands. There’s a reason they’ve been around for more than a decade. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this company and everything that they’ve got planned for 2018!

If you’re interested in checking out EVERYTHING that this company sells on Amazon, then all you need to do is check out the SkinPro storefront by clicking right here!

SkinPro Re-Launches Company Website Just In Time For 2018!
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