SkinPro Gets More Elite Through Store Displays Across America


Do you ever frequent a local spa or medical office? If so, there’s a good chance you may see a popular product sitting on the shelf in one of the display cases. A leader among many in the eye serum market has recently announced the addition of their new approach. Find out what Elite Serum Rx is doing today.

elite serum rx display case
Elite Serum Rx display cases set to hit the local market in Q1 2016.

Elite Serum Rx Reveals New Display Cases Set To Hit U.S. Stores

Many skin care products exist out there that never make it to the local spa or beauty shop. On most occasions, they don’t make it to any medical offices either. However, when it comes to eye serum, there’s one company that remains at the forefront helping many individuals with their eye wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and more.

The parent company responsible for the creation of the product known as, Elite Serum Rx, is now taking their product to the streets in your local neighborhood. The product has been around for quite some time now and it’s a relatively popular seller on Amazon as well as through their official website. However, that wasn’t enough for this successful company. They wanted to reach more locals and the best way to do that was to connect with them at the brick and mortar level.

The company is moving quickly in an effort to expand their physical presence, so don’t be surprised if you see this product the next time you enter your local spa. SkinPro International Inc. President, Tim J. Schmidt, mentioned that he felt that this was “another great accomplishment that should really increase market share and local reach.” Tim said, “This is a great opportunity for us to now provide a more convenient way for local consumers to to shop should they prefer visiting their spa or local beauty shop to purchase their skin care products. It allows us to cater to consumers by taking a more at-need approach and we’re just grateful to have the opportunity to do so.”

The company is moving quickly and they already have locations throughout the United States that will be featuring the products. In fact, they are giving away a free case to strategic partners with qualified physical locations such as stores, spas, medical offices and more.  I should mention that this giveaway is not available to any re-sellers on Amazon. You must have a physical location to qualify for the opportunity to participate in this exciting offer. If you’re interested in learning more about the launch, please contact

SkinPro Gets More Elite Through Store Displays Across America
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