Skinn Dimitri James

Skinn Dimitri James is a professional beauty and cosmetics line. The brand focuses on two main areas which are skin care and makeup. The number of products that this company produces is overwhelming. They have something for everyone regardless of what area you need to work on. I came across this company while doing some browsing online and I decided to further investigate things.

The official company behind Skinn Dimitri James is Skinn Cosmetics, LLC. I had never heard of this brand or the creator until stumbling upon their official website. It turns out that the company’s skin care site started in the early 2000s. However, Dimitri James was working in the industry long before that. He had 20 years of industry experience before launching the official website.

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skinn dimitri jamesWho Is Dimitri James?

Dimitri James is the creator of Skinn Cosmetics, LLC. He is a licensed esthetician and also a professional makeup artist. Dimitri has done cosmetic work for some of the biggest names to hit the red carpet as well as television shows. He is also a cosmetology teacher with a very high demand.

Dimitri grew up surrounded by estheticians and his passion became evident at a very early age. His mother and grandmother both pursued the same career paths and they use to make their own skin care products from high-quality natural ingredients. This must have sparked an urge for Dimitri James to want to create his own line. Before venturing off on his own, Dimitri worked for some pretty big name brands such as Chanel, Revlon, Lancome and more.

In 2002 he decided to create Skinn Cosmetics with the goal to create the best skin care products on the planet that people could actually afford to buy. To this day, Dimitri is involved in every step of the production process.

The ingredients used in Skinn Cosmetics products is extensive, in fact, far too long to list. This makes sense given the wide array of products that treat anti-aging to basic daily skin maintenance. If you are interested in any specific products, I strongly suggest that you visit the official company website for more information.

Facts About The Brand

Here are some quick facts about the brand and the company behind the brand. For starters, if you become interested in any products and you want to know what’s in them, all you need to do is visit their website. All the ingredients are listed for each product. I must say, this is rather comforting, to say the least. Not all companies do this for their consumers.

Also, based on my research, the products do not contain sulfates or parabens. However, some of the formulas may contain ingredients that have the potential to irritate your skin. Should you decide to purchase the products, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you don’t like the products. Lastly, the products are very similar to other lines that are available for purchase.

There are some really good things about this skin care line. Overall, the ingredients are fairly safe and the formulas are good. The prices are pretty inviting as well. However, there are some third party complaints that mention irritants. I’d suggest that you read all the reviews possible before purchasing these products.

Things People Said

I hate to cover too many third party comments but I feel it would be best if I at least shed some light on what some people are saying about the Skinn Dimitri James products. Some people have spoken highly of them stating that the products help soften lines and that they last for long time. Others didn’t have quite as nice things to say about the product. They have mentioned that products were greasy and thick.

See, the problem here is that the reviews are very mixed so it’s really difficult to tell what the majority of people think about these products and more importantly, what type of results you’re most likely to have from using them, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Here is a video that was produced by the company. Feel free to check it out if you’re interested.

Suggesting Product Use

This is a tough decision to make but I’m going to have to pass on suggesting that you use these products. I’m only saying this because I’ve not personally had a chance to use the products and based on my research, there are a lot of negative and inconclusive things that people have to say about the skin care line. Of course, one must remember that not every single product within a line is going to work for someone. Oh, and sure, there are irritants in the products such as orange oil and lemon extract but those are also present in many other skin care products on the market.

view the top productsAre There Better?

In my professional opinion, I’d have to say that there’s a good chance that there are other skin care lines on the market that may be just as effective as this line. If you’re contemplating using any of the Skinn Dimitri James products then I strongly suggest that you consult with your dermatologist before doing so. He or she may have a better solution for you.

Skinn Dimitri James
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  1. I find these products are really superior and I get great results! I’m 76 years young and my face looks 50 ! Wish I could afford all but I’m buying a little at a time , very satisfied customer!

  2. Thank you for you comments on Skinn products. I have sensitive skin and some of the Skinn products were problematic for me – or so I thought. Initially I made the mistake of slathering on the products as I would supermarket products. Lots of problems. Then a friend told me about “product overload”. I backed right off – for a week nothing on my skin, then slowly I reintroduced the skincare products using the bare minimum. This worked wonderfully. I have since discovered that the amount of actives in the Skinn products is high, and there are several actives in each product. If I overdo it (eg 2 pumps of a serum instead of one or too many layers of product) and my skin plays up I back off again for a few days. I have used most of the Skinn skincare products over the past five years now and have finally settled on those that work best for me. Sometimes I stray to other brands but always end up giving them away and returning to Skinn. It has been a long education but well worth it.

  3. I purchased products in April and May. I’m finding that the products are to heavy for my oily skin.
    I put on the serum and then the cream. They
    Don’t totally absorb into the skin. When I touch my face and neck it’s still tacky from the creams.
    I can’t really tell if my skin it better. I think sometimes it is but when I put foundation on it
    looks terrible. I almost think around my eyes is
    worse. I use catalyst, collagenasis, and vitality
    all for the eyes. Dimitri mentions using catalyst around eyes all the time. Wonder if this is drying my eyes. My skin is better hydrated though.
    Buying the pore kit to try on my oily skin.
    This line is definitely geared towards dry skin.
    Unfortunately it takes about 30 days to usually notice
    A difference in your skin. At that point it’s to
    late to return. Going to keep trying different
    ways of using. May contact there customer service
    for advise.

  4. Ive been using religiously for approx 3 years and honestly cant notice any difference. Even have some new “crinkles” appearing. Im wondering what you have noticed after 8 years ?????.

  5. I have been using skinn products for some time now and i haven’t notice any difference I’m so upset because i have spent over 1,ooo dollars or more because i took Dimitri James words that it works cant return it because its to late. so I’m screwed.