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Some companies, similar to Skinfood, make claims that they use the absolute best skin care ingredients on the planet. Many companies that make this claim likely should not be doing so. To be exact, there are lots of companies out there that have similar names that people have understandably gotten mixed up. They use the words “skin food” and do so in order to better describe diet fads that are said to improve your skin. They also use the term to describe ingredients that are good for your skin.

In an attempt to clear things up before you get confused, this page is about the specific brand Skinfood based the in United States. The brand is also known as Skinfood USA. I’ll share what I know about the brand and what I think is most important.

skinfood reviews

More About The Skinfood Brand

The first thing you need to know about Skinfood is that the company has been around for a very long time! It started way back in 1957 and has been flourishing ever since. The brand was the very first skin care brand to build itself on the concept of food. They operate on a premise that nutrition lies within foods and that natural beauty can help consumers develop the perfect skin complexion. The company only uses foods of the highest quality to create their products. It’s safe to say that they actively avoid just about every unhealthy ingredient you can possibly think of.

At Skinfood, They Put Food First

Like I said, the company believes that putting food first is the way to a healthy-looking skin complexion. Which is why they only incorporate food ingredients that contain minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and other great things for your body.

Some of the ingredients that they use are Brazilian black sugar, cucumber, egg whites, French grapes, peach sake, gold caviar, fresh apples, avocado, bitter greens, tomatoes, South Asian royal honey, superfoods and yuja fruit.

Each of the ingredients is actually the main ingredient in a line of products. For example, The Brazilian black sugar line contains products such as a scrub foam, wash off sugar mask, cleansing serum, and a cleansing oil. This is just one of the focal ingredients, so you can imagine how many products the Skinfood company actually has.

Choosing The Ingredients

As you can see, the ingredients play a huge role in the products that the company makes. That’s why Skinfood puts such a strong emphasis on their product selection process. The company literally meets with farmers from all over the world, inspecting their crops to ensure that they are providing nothing but organic ingredients. They make it a point to check out the farms and confirm that the environments in which the ingredients are being grown are done so in one that’s eco-friendly and aligned with the company values.

Today, many skin care companies are in business for the short-term. They don’t care about longevity or doing anything over a long period of time. Skinfood operates with a totally different attitude as it’s been around for decades.

Skinfood Beliefs

The Skinfood family believes in very specific things. They like to keep things simple and believe the health is a choice through lifestyle decisions. If you take a moment to read the company mantra, you’ll soon realize that they operate with six main philosophies in mind. Take a look at them here.

Some Of The Skinfood Products

If you take a closer look at the company website, you’ll notice that the products are conveniently categorized based on skin concern, product type, body & hair, makeup, and sales. This makes it easy to quickly navigate and quickly find what you need.

Diving deeper into the products, it seems as though the Skinfood company provides plenty of information related to each of their products. On each individual product page, you will find multiple pictures of the product as well as ingredients. You’ll also find a list of ingredients, directions on how to use them, a short description of the product, the product size and a seamless ordering system which allows you to add the products to the cart.

Another cool thing that you’ll notice is that each product has reviews which have been published and a star rating system that they’ve implemented. Now, one thing I always recommend is that you go out of your way to find third-party reviews to read as well. Do yourself a favor and check out Amazon for more reviews.

Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

One of the more popular products is the Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. It contains granules of organic black sugar which exfoliates your skin, leading to a clear and clean complexion. The black sugar also helps with hydration and skin nourishment. You’ll find other ingredients such as macadamia seed oil, glycerin, lanolin, shea butter and more. The product is moderately priced at $10.00 per 100g container.

Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Emulsion

The Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Emulsion a firming and moisturizing product that contains caviar extract and 24-karat gold flakes. The product is to be applied after using a toner on your skin by massaging it in a circular motion. This particular product line is one of the anti-wrinkle lines that Skinfood makes. A 120ml bottle of this product is going to cost you $67.00 which to me is reasonably priced given the high-quality ingredients that it contains.

Buying The Skin Food Products

Honestly, I wouldn’t buy the Skinfood products anywhere other than on the official company website. When a company provides such a simple a robust shopping experience, there is no reason to shop elsewhere. Plus, you’ll get free shipping if you purchase a total of $50 worth of product or more. They currently only sell products within the United States. The company also has a very good return policy. What I mean by that is they offer a full refund on any unused and unopened product within 60 days of purchase.

Third-Party Reviews

If you take a look at all the reviews left on, you’ll notice that 90% of them are stellar. This isn’t very common for this marketplace and I definitely have to recommend the product line for that reason alone. It would be in your best interest to give the Skinfood company and its products a try!

Skinfood Review
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