Skinbetter Science Review

Guess what time it is? Time for another rundown of a skin care brand that we’ve recently discovered. In this official review, we’ll be covering everything that we know about Skinbetter Science, which is a brand of various skin products that have been created to help improve the condition of your skin. Of course, you’re probably wondering what the heck this brand has to do with anything at all and I’m here to share all that with you now.

Skinbetter Science Reviews

For starters, I want you to know that the Skinbetter Science brand doesn’t have any immediate negative results like some of the other brands I’ve searched and reported here. The next thing you need to know is that the developers of the brand are the same people that had something to do with the development of Restylane and Dysport. If you’re not familiar with either of those things, they are dermal fillers and injectable treatments which help reduce the presence of wrinkles.

We’ve talked about Restylane in the past here at It’s a filler that contains hyaluronic acid and it works to help add volume to your face while at the same time remove the wrinkles that may be present. The Dysport injection is a something similar to Botox aka Botulinum toxin A. One thing I’d like to make clear is that just because these two products work for someone doesn’t necessarily mean that the Skinbetter Science products will work for them as well. Also, I’m not suggesting that you go out of your way and buy any of these brands or products just yet.

Before taking any action at all, you need to do your research and determine whether or not this brand is the best option for you. It may also be wise to reach out to your dermatologist and see what they have to say about the products as well. Keep in mind, if your dermatologist is the one selling them, then you may want to reach out to another dermatologist who’s not going to feed you potentially biased information, just a suggestion.

More On Skinbetter Science Products

Before I dive into the products, I’d like to share some information that I learned while visiting the company website. I took about 30 minutes to digest everything I could find on the website. There’s a lot of information to consume so it took quite a bit of time in doing so. The first thing that I noticed about this website was that they have a tagline that reads, “Accomplished Science. Genuine Connections. Real Life Results.” Pretty comforting knowing that people are able to yield real-life results from using these products (according to the company).

They make an attempt to connect you with an authorized physician if you’re interested in purchasing the products. Assuming you are, then all you need to do is enter your zip code and that’s it.

Upon doing further research, I learned that the Alto Defense Face Serum was the 2017 Breakthrough Award Winner. They’ve won awards from InStyle as well. It’s no easy task trying to win awards from skin and beauty publications. I also noticed that the brand has been featured not only in Allure but other publications as well such as InStyle, Popsugar, EOnline and Men’s Health.

The company was created in 2016 and they’ve provided consumers with a video showcasing the brand and their mission as well as other aspects of the company. I’ve provided the video below.

One thing that I did not like about the company was that they do not provide an email address. Instead, all they offer is the contact form and an 800 number to reach out to them. I guess it’s better than no form of contact, right!

The Popular Products

Now, time to get to the popular products. Here’s what I know about each of the products and what they supposedly have to offer. Based on my research they have a total of 15 individual products to consider buying along with four kits that you can consider purchasing.

Each of those products has been segmented and categorized under either Rejuvenate, Protect, Transform, Refresh, or Regimens. All Skinbetter Science products fall within these categories.

Alto Defense Serum – This is pricey at $145 but it’s an award-winning product that just might fix your skin for good. The product claims to be able to help fix uneven tones and reduce redness. Its power is definitely in the antioxidants that it consists of which it packs 19 ingredients. The product is also known for being able to fight off oxidative stress keeping levels low. Skinbetter Science shows results in photos which have not been touched to show what it can do. If you’re looking for a full list of ingredients, you’ll find it conveniently listed on the company website.

Alpharet Overnight Cream – The next popular product that I have to share with you is a $110 face cream. It’s one that you apply in the evening and let it do its magic overnight. As for awards, this too has been given an award – the 2016 Breakthrough Award by Allure. Some of the main reasons why someone would use this product is to help reduce wrinkles, eliminate lines, fix skin tone, and improve texture.

The product does contain retinoids and it’s a retinol product, but it comes without the irritation that most of the other products come with. You’ll find lots of antioxidants in this product as well, providing protection from free radical damage and more.

Using it is pretty simple, all you need to do is apply the cream at night and leave it on as you sleep. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen the following day! Again, there’s a laundry list of ingredients to check out on the website.

Refresh Hydration Boosting Cream – Next on the list is the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award-winning hydration boosting cream. This product works to specifically fix and reduce the chances of losing moisture. Your hydration levels will improve if you use this and your skin should look as well as feel different. The Boosting Cream is only $80, it’s lightweight, and contains ceramides as well as botanical lipids to help improve the condition of your skin. It’s fine for anyone to use no matter what type of skin.

Buying The Skinbetter Science Products

If you’re interested in buying these products, then you’ve got limited options available. You will need to go to the corporate website and find a physician or dermatologist authorized to sell them.

Once you’ve connected with an authorized dermatologist, then you can further research the products and discuss what’s best for you based on what’s being offered. Once the company has connected you with a dermatologist that they work with, you will then be able to buy the products online.

Side Effects Of Using Skinscience Products

Since some of the products do contain retinoids, you’ll need to be careful with using them. Protect your skin during the day or you may find yourself with side effects due to the retinol. This can cause your skin to burn if you’re not careful.


Do your research and check with other dermatologists that don’t sell the brand to find out what they think of the products. They may be a great choice for you, just be sure to do your own research on them before buying.

Skinbetter Science Review
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