Skinbetter Science Launches Clinical Skin Care Product Line


Skinbetter Science is a clinical skin care products company that is brand new to the market. It was founded by Restylane developer Johah Shacknai. The brand is to be sold through a physician referral network. That is through cosmetic doctors that specialize in providing anti aging treatment in two different platforms.

The first platform that Skinbetter Science is promoting is called The Smoothing Experience. It is a three product anti aging set. It includes a line filler, an eye treatment and a facial treatment. These include what is known as Interfuse technology. This technology is said to transport the topical skin care active ingredients from the products in to the skin faster and deeper. This will the parts where it is needed the most.

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skinbetter science
Photo of a line of Skinbetter Science products that are distributed by authorized physicians

Skinbetter Science Makes Clinical Skin Care Products Distributed By A Physician Referral Network

The Regenerating Experience is a combination of an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and a retinoid. This retinoid is facilitated through a double conjugation in Skinbetter Science’s AlphaRet complex. This drives a rejuvenation of the skin that is said to cause noticeable anti aging effects without any sort of redness or irritation.

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Skinbetter Science is committed to the development and marketing of skin care products that have high effectiveness and safety. They are elegant and have that luxury feel that consumers are demanding. The products are available only through authorized physician partners in medical centers and doctors offices in the United States.

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Skinbetter Science Launches Clinical Skin Care Product Line
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