Skin Tips For Women Living Active Lifestyles In 2018


Monday is a day for motivation! I’m a health nut (for the most part) especially during the work week and I tend to go above and beyond to help people when it comes to their health and wellness. Do I have all the answers? Not a chance! However, I can put forth best efforts to share any and all information possible to help people out. The same goes for caring for your skin. If you’re an active woman trying to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, then this article is just for you. In order to give you some more motivation, I’m going to share some things which many would consider essentials for women who live a fit and active lifestyle while taking good care of their skin.

If you’re following an active lifestyle, then these skin care tips should help keep your skin in great shape. There are lots of skin care fads that exist today and avoiding them has become a constant battle that some consumers have struggled with in the past. If you’re one of them and you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, then just forget everything, take the advice I’m about to share and follow through.

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Skin Care Tips For Active Women In 2018

Now, you need to know that none of these tips are going to help if you’re not consistent with them. Consistency is key when it comes to anything in the world today, especially skin care. That said, action daily is what matters most so keep that in mind when reading this article.

I’ll kick things off with the lip balm. Everybody loves it and it’s something that most women carry around, but are they applying it as often as they should? Depending on where you live, how active you are outdoors and the climate issues you’re dealing with, your lips can really become damaged over time. The environmental factors that we subject ourselves to can wreak havoc on our bodies, especially our lips. It’s important that you purchase a high-quality lip balm and that you apply it regularly in order to protect your skin from becoming burned or chapped. Whatever product you decide to use, make sure that it’s the one that contains SPF. Do not settle for anything less.

One other thing that you’ll most definitely want to include in your daily routine as an active woman is a good better yet, a great cleanser. Go out of your way to find a quality cleanser that is pH balanced and that can help remove all that dirt, bacteria, and sweat that your body endures daily. Keeping your pores clean is a must and the cleansers on the market will help you do just that. Be sure to read the product reviews and find one that has good ratings before just diving right into a product.

The next thing you’ll want to consider is a moisturizing cream that contains SPF. Since you likely spend time doing yoga outdoors, running, or maybe doing Crossfit at the local box, you need to protect yourself. SPF helps shield you from the damage that the sun causes and the moisturizing cream will help lock in the hydration levels.

This is what many women may consider an optional product, but lots of women I know use it daily. I’m referring to a refresher spray. This is a light spray that can be sprayed on your face in order to conveniently boost moisture levels and restore brightness of the skin. If you’re active throughout the day, then you may need a mist or two in order to keep that glow.

If you’ve got a long commute to and from the gym, yet your not showering there, then you need to carry cleansing wipes with you. It’s important that you immediately cleanse your skin after sweating things out. Not doing so can lead to clogged pores and even worse, acne as well as inflammation. Best to avoid that at all costs.

Here’s another tip that’s perhaps the most important of them all. Spend extra time caring for the skin around your eyes. This area is one of the more sensitive skin areas ever and neglecting the areas can make you look so much older than you really are. Be sure to use an eye cream daily and protect your eyes at all times. When you’re out in the sun you should wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Trust me, doing both is important.

Skin Tips For Women Living Active Lifestyles In 2018
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