Skin Tips For Skiing On The Slopes


I’m a huge fan of both skiing and snowboarding. Spending majority of my time in sunny South Florida, I simply don’t get to indulge in it enough. However, I certainly know what it feels like after spending all day on the slopes and neglecting your skin. You can do quite a number on your skin if not careful. These tips are for those of you that are gearing up for February vacation and are planning to hit the slopes!

Skiing Skin Care Tips

Skiing Skin Care Tips To Always Remember

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the mountain in addition to the wind, air, and sun is no joke. Sure, it might seem like a playground one one regard but if you don’t protect yourself you’ll pay for at a later day. I’m giving you this advice not only based on research but my personal experience as well. Having spent years on the slopes I know what to expect, here’s rundown of the most important things to take into consideration when on the slopes.

The Sun

If you’re in Colorado or even Northern New England on the slopes then you need to protect yourself from UV radiation. The higher the mountain and altitude, the more crucial it is that you protect yourself. UV exposure is nothing to mess with and sunburns while skiing are very common. Be sure to apply a significant amount of sunscreen on your face and any other exposed skin while outdoors. It’s best to use SPF 30 or even 50 and apply it before you hit the slopes.

In the event that you skin does get burned from having too much fun out there, then be sure to treat it with aloe vera. Don’t be around to up your vitamin C dosage either and be sure to drink lots of water. Your sunburn is tell you that your skin is dehydrated. Some people may even want to take aday or two so they can recoup. The choice is yours.

The Wind

Windy trails and cold temperatures can do a number on your skin. They literally suck the oil right out of your skin and that’s not doing it any favors. Most of the time if you do get windburn, you’ll notice that you skin begins to appear red, dry, and may even burn a bit. Some people may even experience peeling of the skin. That’s how bad it can get.

If you want to avoid wind burn, you’ve got to cover your skin. Shield yourself from the wind at all costs. In the event that you can’t cover an area, you’ll want to protect it with a hydrating moisturizer that creates a barrier between the wind and your skin.

Dry Air

The air in the mountains can be extremely dry and unfortunately, dry air leads to dry skin if you don’t attempt to keep it well-moisturized. Try incorporating a moisturizing cream or serum that contains hyaluronic acid. Read up more on this ingredient here. Don’t be afraid to lather yourself up with it as much as possible. Don’t forget about the H20 as well. Drink plenty of it to help keep your skin better hydrated.

Well, regardless of where you’ll be skiing this winter season, be sure to take the time to protect your skin! Doing so makes for a much better day on the slopes, trust me!

Skin Tips For Skiing On The Slopes
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