Skin Texture

When you think of skin texture what first comes to mind? DO you think of something smooth and well maintained? Or something rough, dry, and cracked? Many people want to improve many things about themselves one of which seems to be their skin texture. We all want skin that’s extremely smooth and soft to the touch. I mean, who really wants orange peel skin texture? I certainly don’t want that!

People that take pride in their skin have very well hydrated skin and they tend to get treatments done to help reduce the appearance of bumps and other blemishes. Certain treatments like dermabrasions will help you reduce the presence of wrinkles in the skin.

Some people would rather put more effort into concealing blemishes and other marks on their skin. They use some form of concealer or a primer in order to do this. Regardless of the method, the motive is the same, to better improve the overall appearance of your skin as well as the texture. Taking action can make you feel younger and more confident than ever before. It all starts with having a solid understanding of the issues that can arise and texture problems one may run into.

orange peel skin textureSkin Texture: Problems And How To Improve It

Let me start by going over some of the problems. Bad or rough skin texture is a very common issue for many people throughout the United States. Lots of people have rough patches of skin all over their bodies. Some folks are more prone to rough looking skin in certain areas than others.

It’s not uncommon for people to develop dry skin that appears flaky on their face. Some individuals develop sagging looking skin, and even dark spots all over their face due to too much exposure.

If you want to improve your skin, you must first make a commitment. There are plenty of ways to make a significant improvement, but you must want to help yourself before anyone can help you. The very first thing you must do (after committing to wanting better skin) is to develop a very strict skin care routine.

You need a routine that is going to help improve your skin over the long term. Remember, skin care is not a short term game. You’ve got to be in this for the long haul if you want to make significant gains. You’ll need to begin some basic exfoliating daily and you will have to start wearing sunscreen daily. That’s just the start of it. I’m going to cover each area below so that you have a better idea of what you need to be doing daily to achieve nice skin.

Incorporate Antioxidants

As part of your skin care routine, you need to begin using products that contain a decent amount of antioxidants. This is a topic that we cover in multiple places on our website. Antioxidants are like superman for your skin. They help fight off free radicals that are responsible for making your skin look tired and ugly. They also help fight free radicals that can be seriously damaging such as those related to too much UV sun exposure.

What free radicals do is basically cause oxidation within your skin. As a result, your skin cells get severely damaged. Collagen production comes to a halt and elastin begins to breakdown. You’re left with an ugly, old, skin texture that’s not going to impress anyone.

The good news is that there are plenty of products at your disposal. Tons of skin and beauty products are jam packed with ingredients that contain antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A. I encourage you to read up on vitamin C and why it’s so fantastic for your skin. Let’s move on to sunscreen…

Sunscreen And Why you Need It

Ask your dermatologist what they recommend wearing every single day. I can almost guarantee they will say sunscreen. It is one of the best products to use if you want to improve your skin texture. Wearing sunscreen can prevent you from getting skin cancer which is something everyone should try and avoid.

Have you ever seen the movie Something About Mary? Well, if you have then you know I’m going to reference the old lady that spends all day in the sun. She’s the definition of orange peel skin texture and you certainly don’t want your skin to look like a leather handbag similar to hers.

Wear a good high-quality sunscreen every day and you will reduce the amount of exposure to UV rays and other things that can harm your skin. Sun exposure is a huge culprit when it comes to dry or unhealthy looking skin. Sure, it’s not something that happens overnight but as time progresses, your skin can appear rough and even blotchy. Discoloration is quite common as well. DO yourself a favor and pick up an SPF 15 (at a minimum) if you want to reduce the chances of acquiring lines and wrinkles.


People with extremely smooth skin texture exfoliate their skin daily. They buy high-quality products to apply to their face and they make it an essential part of their daily routine. That said, you don’t need to use them daily, but I’d suggest at least a couple times per week.

What using exfoliators does is it helps loosen and rid your body of nasty dead skin. Removing these dead skin cells will help speed up the skin cell regeneration process.


Last but not least, you will want to begin using a moisturizer twice per day. Incorporating a vitamin enriched moisturizer will help keep your skin from becoming too dehydrated. If you have existing dry patches, I suggest applying a little extra moisturizer to affected areas. Find one that contains hyaluronic acid as well as sodium hyaluronate. You must use these on a daily basis if you want to be successful with them.

Professional Help

If your skin texture is really bad and even painful then I want you to see a specialist. It’s not uncommon for diseases to cause skin issues and god forbid your dry or rough skin be the result of something serious. See your dermatologist if your situation is extreme.

Skin Texture
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