Skin Tag Treatments For Eyes

Ask any man or woman and they’ll tell you that skin tags are an ugly nuisance. Even worse, skin tags that develop around the eyes are pretty darn awful looking. If you’ve ever developed them before, the second that you’ve noticed them, you’ve likely wanted to find a way to rid yourself of them as quickly as possible.

Trust me, you’re not the only one. Lots of people search high and low for treatment solutions which they can do in the comfort of their own home. If you’re looking to remove skin tags, then chances are you’re looking for the same type of treatment. But before we can get into the trickier of removing skin tags by your eyes, we’ve got to explain exactly what they are. Keep on reading to gain some basic knowledge about these things before we get to the meat and potatoes of this post.

skin tag eye treatment

Just What On Earth Are Skin Tags?

I’ll keep things medical here yet simple enough for the average joe to understand. A skin tag is a small, flat piece of skin that grows above the surface of your normal skin. It’s a bit pinkish and flesh colored. Skin tags are non-cancerous growths and they are actually harmless. However, that being said, they are pretty ugly looking too. Should you end up developing one, don’t think you’ve got some medical condition that’s life-threatening because chances are it’s not.

Now here’s the bad news with regards to these pesky skin tags. They can literally pop up out of nowhere and develop anytime. It’s tough to prevent them from occurring but you can easily remove them if they do show up.

The funny thing is that we’ve still not been able to determine exactly why these tags grow on your eyes and eyelids. There are doctors out there that suggest losing weight helps to keep from skin tag growth. Sure, weight loss might help prevent skin tags but there is no surefire way to prevent them from developing 100%. It’s possible that they may even be genetic. Whatever it may be, the good news is that they are removable and the issue can be fixed.

Does Insurance Cover Skin Tags?

We get this question quite a bit. From time to time we’re asked questions about skin and what health insurance may cover. With regards to these skin tags, I’m almost certain that your insurance will not cover the removal of them. Sure, they can be unwanted, ugly, even painful at times, but all that said, they aren’t covered for removal by insurance.

Usually, insurance only covers things that are detrimental to your health. Seeing as though this is purely a cosmetic play, it doesn’t have any impact on your health. If your reasoning for removing the skin tags by your eyes is strictly cosmetic, then more of a reason to try and find an at-home solution to get rid of these things once and for all.

If you choose to have it done at the local dermatologist, then you’ll need to schedule a visit and pay a fee to have them removed, which can get quite costly. If you’re looking to remove them from the comfort of your own home, then you can do so for less than $50.

Various Approaches You Can Take

Let’s say you’re interested in removing your skin tags at home. If so, then you’ve got a few options to tinker with. Here are the treatments you can consider:

1. TagBrand Skin Tag Removal Device – This typically takes a week.

2. SkinPro Skin Tag Remover – This also tags about a week.

3. Australian Tea Tree Oil – This takes a few months.

A word of caution: please always be careful when dealing with the removal of skin tags near your eyes. It’s an extremely sensitive area and you want to be sure to not damage the eye. If you’re doing something in the comfort of your own home, please be aware of what you are doing and proceed with caution. Now that I’ve covered most of that, I’ll go ahead and share some of the various methods that people are using to remove their skin tags from their eyes.

TagBand Tie Off – A Popular System

This is exactly what you think it is. You literally tie off the skin tag until it falls off. It’s a safe way to do it because you don’t have to worry about getting any chemicals or medication in your eye. However, it’s not all that easy to tie off a tiny skin tag on your eye. The good news is that this TagBrand system is simple and easy to find. In fact, I’ve purchased it online in order to do a complete review of the product. You can read about this type of stuff right now if you’d like just – click here.

SkinPro Skin Tag Remover – Quick But Be Careful

If you’re looking for a quick method which involves applying any medicine, then you might want to think about using the SkinPro Skin Tag Remover. It’s a liquid that you apply to your skin. However, even though vouches for this product, it’s imperative that you speak with your doctor before applying this to your eye. In fact, it might be a better idea to ask them to apply it for you.

That said, it does work and you can safely remove skin tags and moles but I want you to get professional advice prior to using it on your eye.

Tea Tree Oil – Natural, Long-Term Approach

If you’re looking to take the more natural route, then the tea tree oil route is for you. You’ll be able to remove the skin tags in the event that you have six-plus weeks to remove the skin tags from your eye region, then you’re good to go.

The good news with this is that you’re not going to risk any type of scarring or other invasive damage if you take this approach. However, it can take quite a bit of time to do so.

Are There Any Risks?

YES. There are risks when it comes to treating your skin, period. If you’re doing anything in the comfort of your home and not under professional supervision, then you’re chances of something going wrong increase. That said, you need to simply confirm you want to take a home approach and just do it carefully.

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Skin Tag Treatments For Eyes
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