Skin Science And How Your Body Absorbs All Those Products


Understanding skin science can greatly improve the condition of your skin. As you know, your skin plays a crucial defense role when it comes to protecting your body from harmful bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants. It’s basically structured to act as a shield making your body waterproof (to a certain extent). The largest organ in our body has a tougher role than one might think. It’s got to both protect against and accept certain particles that we come in contact with.

When our skin is even slightly damaged, it can cause some serious problems. Conditions can arise such as eczema, inflammation, infections, diseases and more. Some of these conditions may even be life threatening if not treated.

With all the negative factors that your body is protecting itself from, you’re probably wondering how it knows what to “let pass the gate.”

The good news is that many skin care companies invest millions of dollars trying to perfect the product penetration process. I’m going to fill you in on how they do this and why.

skin science and absorbing products

Here’s How Your Body Absorbs Skin Products

Let’s talk about one important subject here, absorption. Some people think that just because it’s a skin care product, that it’s easily absorbed. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Many products have one common job and they must penetrate the skin to be effective enough to make an impact.

Products get absorbed into the body through the use of chemical enhancers. These enhancers are incorporated into products to break down the skin barrier that exists. Doing so allows products to break the barrier. Now, all of these chemicals aren’t created equal. Some actually frown upon even though they are effective when it comes to breaking down the skin barrier. For example, products that contain sulphates can actually damage your skin.

Not all of the chemicals enhancers are bad. Chemists have recently invented safe, skin penetrating chemicals that only temporarily break down the barrier, just enough to penetrate the skin. Peptides, liposomes, and nanoparticles aka nanotechnologies are now being used to help sneak active ingredients past proteins and other barriers that protect your skin.

In summary, there are three ways that various skin care products can be absorbed. They can either create their own path-breaking through various cell levels, attempt to go between cells or find another path such as through various hair follicles.

Of course, there are other complimentary treatments that people can get e.g. micro needling, injections, microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

The most important thing to understand when buying skin care products is whether or not your body is going to be able to absorb the active ingredients. This is the skin science that I’m talking about. Always be on the lookout for active ingredients and associated chemical enhancers incorporated.

If you don’t see any enhancers, then I’d certainly question the effectiveness of the product. I’m not saying all skin care products lacking enhancers are a waste of money. I’m simply stating how important it is that you know what you’re using and how it works!┬áDon’t be afraid to send products to your dermatologist for a professional opinion.

Skin Science And How Your Body Absorbs All Those Products
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