Skin Products Endorsed By Famous Celebrities


There are a number of products out there that celebrities have been endorsing lately. Celebrity endorsed skin care companies are often created and not handled by the Hollywood stars themselves. Some of them simply approve of the product, put their name on them and move right along.

celebrity endorsed skin care products
Dr. Terry DuBrow and Heather DuBrow

On the other hand, some celebrities are far more involved with every aspect of the products from concept to development, creation, and even product testing. The effort and involvement may or may not have much of an impact on the lines themselves. Below are a few of the more popular skin care brands that have either been created or endorsed by celebs.

Today’s Most Popular Celebrity Endorsed Skin Care Products

While this product wasn’t created by a celebrity, it’s one that I couldn’t leave off the list given the popularity of the product and those that endorse it. Proactiv has been endorsed by both Adam Levine and Justin Bieber. These two entertainers have likely assisted in carrying the brand message to millions of Americans over the years. It’s quite possibly touted as one of the most well known acne treatments in the world.

Consult Beaute
One of The Real Housewives of Orange County and her husband Dr. Terry DuBrow have developed a skin care line of their own called Consult Beaute. The creation of this product is a case in which a doctor and his wife personally spent time coming up with the formula for the products. My guess is that Dr.Terry DuBrow decided to use his knowledge in plastic surgery and come up with a way that both his patients and others that like to care for their skin can do so on a daily basis through a regimen he’s developed. The Consult Beaute products include a cleanser, serum, moisturizer as well as vitamins and even shakes. Yes, it’s a different approach but I’m sure it’s working for many individuals out there.

A more economical brand that you’ve probably seen in the aisle at CVS is none other than Salma Hayek’s skin care line called Nuance. She’s taken a different approach and has decided to create and market products for a larger less exclusive market. I’m sure they’re likely very nice products to use. Unfortunately, I have yet to try any to date. Given that I have a pretty strict skin care regimen and a specific line of products that I use, I rarely see the need to try other products. However, according to an article recently written, One of Nuance’s best products “in the line for men is the Glycolic Cream Cleanser.” This product is said to be great for exfoliating.

Those three brands are just a few of the ever popular celebrity endorsed skin care lines. In my personal opinion, I don’t really care much whether or not a celebrity is behind a brand, a doctor or perhaps just someone with a good idea that wants to take something to market. All I care is that what I’m paying for actually works. So long as that happens I’m halfway to being happy, with healthier looking skin I might add too.

Skin Products Endorsed By Famous Celebrities
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