Skin Product Types, Amounts And When To Use Them


I normally publish posts related to current industry news versus basic tips but it’s Valentine’s Day and I felt like doing something different today. That said, I’m going to give you a quick overview of the many different types of skin care products, the amount of each product that you should use and the best times to use the products.

skin product types
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Some Skin Product Types, How Much To Use and When

Let’s start with the serums. If you’re incorporating any type of serum into your daily skin care routine, you’re going to want to use about a large pea-sized amount of the serum. I personally use a couple of different serums as does my wife. If you’re currently using a serum, you should know that the product can be used in both the morning and evening. The key to achieving best results when using a serum is to apply it first before you’ve applied any type sunscreen or moisturizer.

Now, if you’re using any type of face moisturizer that contains SPF, then you’re going to want to use about a teaspoon and you should apply this product to your face in the morning. I typically advise using a face moisturizer every single morning if you can. It’s important to protect your skin from UV rays every day if you want to keep it young looking.

If you’re using a fading serum that takes care of dark spots, you’ll want to apply a small pea sized amount of the product of your choice and you’ll want to apply it all over your face. I should mention that this product can be applied in either the morning or at night. However, if you’re fading serum of choice contains retinol, I advise that you not use a retinol cream.

As far as eye cream is concerned, this can be used both in the morning and evening. You only need to apply a small pea sized amount around and below your eye. If people only incorporate one product only, I actually recommend that they incorporate either an eye cream or serum. This is at least what has worked best for me in the past. Keep in mind that everyone is different and that some folks may respond better to certain types of products versus others.

Last but not least it wouldn’t be a conversation on skin product types if I didn’t mention this, the night cream. This type of product should be applied in the evening before bedtime. For best results, I recommend not applying it right before bed. Be sure to apply it ten minutes before going to bed. You don’t want to apply this product only to have it be absorbed by your pillow case before your skin has a chance to absorb it.

Well, there are so many more types of products but I figured this list contained enough skin product types for you to get started in terms of using some of the essentials.

Skin Product Types, Amounts And When To Use Them
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