Wrinkles Around Lips and Upper Lip Wrinkles

Wrinkles around the lips and upper lip wrinkles typically develop after a person reaches the age of 50, but there are some instances where these wrinkles will develop on a much younger person. When the wrinkles develop at a younger age, it is usually due to too much exposure to tobacco smoke or the sun.

The sad thing is that upper lip wrinkles and wrinkles around the lips have a tendency to make people look older than they actually are. Cosmetic surgery is incredibly expensive, and it’s usually not an option for most people. Plus it’s really time consuming as well. Most people will need to search for nonsurgical, cosmetic interventions that can tighten the skin and eliminate the wrinkles.

We will now look at the causes of wrinkles around the lips and come up with some treatment options for upper lip wrinkles. Stick with us to learn more.

Causes for Upper Lip Wrinkles and Wrinkles Around Lips

As you can imagine, there are a few different causes for upper lip wrinkles and wrinkles around the lips. The main cause and the most common reason that people experience this condition is due to natural aging.

As we get older, our skin loses collagen and elastin. These substances are the reason skin stays firm, and they are the reason that skin stays taught and can easily snap back into place. When you lack elastin and collagen, this will typically lead to wrinkles and saggy skin. And as you have probably already put together, upper lip wrinkles are also caused by the natural aging process.

Next, exposure to toxins in the environment is another reason why people might experience wrinkles around the lips. The sun’s UV rays contain free radicals. These free radicals have a tendency to destroy collagen and skin cells, and this can ultimately lead to saggy skin and no more elasticity.

Third, smoking plays a major role in causing upper lip wrinkles. Cigarettes limit the flow of oxygen plus nutrients to the skin, and they also shrink our blood vessels. Another reason smoking causes lip wrinkles is because of the constant puckering and sucking on the cigarette filter.

Wrinkles Around the Lips and Upper Lip Wrinkles Treatment Options

Before you give up all hope, please know that there are very effective ways to diminish or eliminate upper lip wrinkles. Some of our favorite treatments include:

  • Collagen injections – more than anything else, collagen injections are the most popular treatment for wrinkles on the upper lips. The injections help to smooth out the deep lines by plumping up the lips.
  • Laser therapy – next, laser therapy is also effective for upper lip wrinkles. This noninvasive procedure is very quick and usually takes less than an hour. There are even fractional laser treatments that can eliminate wrinkles without having any effect on the surrounding skin.
  • Retinoid serums – these serums are specifically designed to help plump up the lips and create more collagen. When you have an effective serum, wrinkles will diminish and disappear.

Of course, you can always browse this list of top anti wrinkle creams we recommend and find something that works with your budget.


Wrinkles Around Lips and Upper Lip Wrinkles
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