What Causes Puffy Eyes?

Puffy Eyes
Even the drop dead gorgeous Hollywood celebrities like Eva Mendes succumb to puffy eyes.

There are a lot of reasons that cause eyes to become puffy and the symptoms of inflamed or puffy eyes include blurred vision, redness inside the eye or in the eye area, discomfort and itchiness, discharge from the eye etc. Everyone can get puffy eyes, from babies to elderly people, there are many things that can cause this issue, and the most common ones are:


Allergies are the most common causes of puffy eyes. Pollen in the atmosphere can cause our eyes to become red, itchy and watery, causing them to become puffy. This is called allergic conjunctivitis and refers to eyes becoming inflamed due to things like mold spores and pollen. When allergies cause eye inflammation, this is because your body is trying to defend itself against a possible danger or threat. This reaction may also be caused when you’re allergic to medication. Many people have hay fever and suffer from puffy eyes during the warmer months.


After crying, everyone’s eyes become puffy and swollen temporarily. This is caused by overflowing tears being absorbed by fine tissues surrounding the eye. Also when you cry, you have an increase in blood flow to your face, this makes the eyes appear puffy and swollen for a temporary time before the blood leave the face and the eyes go back to normal.


Waking up with puffy eyes is every common and can be caused by numerous things, the first being the position you sleep in. Lying flat on your back with no pillow support can cause fluid to collect and build up under your eyes while you sleep. This can make you look tired and rough even if you’ve had a really good night’s sleep. Supporting your head with a pillow or two before bed can prevent fluid from building g up during your sleep and prevent you from waking up with puffy eyes. The amount of time you sleep for also affects puffy eyes, sleeping for under 7 hours can cause under eye blood vessels to dilate, rising them to the surface of your skin, making your eyes appear to be swollen and puffy. Also drinking alcohol before bed or too much salty food before bed can cause you to experience puffy eyes when you wake. 

Contact Lenses:

Contact lenses, if they aren’t maintained correctly, can also cause eyes to become puffy. Wearing lenses that are dirty and unhygienic, keeping them in unsanitary cases and keeping them in for prolonged periods of time can lead to the eyes becoming infected and swollen. Damaged lenses can also result in eyes becoming itchy and puffy.

Pics of Puffy Eyes

Photo of Puffy Eye

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What Causes Puffy Eyes?
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