Swollen Eyelid

Swelling of the eyes can happen at any time, but what about the actual eyelid?  This occurs when excess fluid (called an edema), or inflammation persists in surrounding the eye’s connective tissues. The levels of pain can range from severe to non-existent, and this can happen to both the lower and upper eyelids.  The most common skin condition is a non-painful type, but we’ll talk about both.

man with eyelid swelling

Causes of Eyelid Swelling Include:

  • blunt force trauma
  • injuries
  • infections
  • allergies

There are health problems that can potentially damage long term vision and use of sight, including:

  • orbital cellulitis
  • Graves’ disease
  • ocular herpes

Pic of Swollen Eyelid


How does this Compare to “Puffy Eyes?”

We recently covered just what the main causes of puffy eyes are.  Today we’ll do our best to share with you how swelling of the eyelids are different from eye puffiness.

Many people use words like “puffy eyes” when indeed they are referring to swelling in the same area.  In our medical experiences, the swelling is usually due to an injury or allergic reaction, where as when people say “I have puffy eyes,” they are usually referring to a treatable skin condition deriving from stress, lack of sleep, or a genetic trait such as dark under eye circles.  For this reason there are many products being marketed as “puffy eye creams” that will reduce the puffiness with daily treatment.

There are several treatments for swollen eyelids that can be recommended to you depending on your condition.  It’s best that you visit an optometrist or ophthamologist, who will diagnose your condition and either suggest an over the counter treatment or perhaps something of a prescription strength.

If you feel your condition is something not as serious, and simply something causes by genetics, lack of sleep, or diet, you can always check out a leading eye cream product for relief.  We recommend you check Elite Serum Rx.


Swollen Eyelid
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