Sallow Skin

Skin complexion, and in this particular case the color of your skin, is a major indicator of whether or not your body is in perfect health. If you have a sallow complexion – a yellowing of the skin – you could be looking at a potential indicator that will let you know that you are physically sick if you aren’t aware of it already.

Here's a picture of a woman with sallow skin next to what her skin should look like.
Here’s a picture of a woman with sallow skin next to what her skin should look like.

Sallow skin is obviously not very attractive. It makes you look sick, and unfortunately it even makes you look much older than you really are. Most people would prefer to avoid this condition at all costs, because everyone wants to look young, beautiful and healthy. And as you can see, sallow skin will prevent you from looking and feeling your best.

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When a person has healthy skin, they typically do not have any visible blotches marring their complexion. When a person has healthy skin, they do not have any odd and unusual skin discolorations. When skin is healthy, there are no heavy bags under the eyes. No major scarring. And no other unwanted skin conditions of any kind.

On the other hand…

When somebody is experiencing a yellowing of the skin, otherwise known as sallow skin, this is a huge indication that something is wrong. And even more importantly, once yellowing and paleness appears, it is often very difficult to reverse this condition.

But, if you are struggling with this problem, please do not despair. There are certain things that you can do. We will first discuss the causes – so you can prevent the problem from ever happening to begin with – and we will also go over ways that you can help to keep your skin looking beautiful, shiny, healthy and bright.

Remember, everybody wants to lead the best life. To do so you want to stay as healthy and attractive looking as possible. Let’s face it. Looking sickly and unwell will turn many people off. Hopefully the tips that we share today can prevent this from ever happening.

What Are the Main Causes of Sallow Skin?

As you can imagine, sallow skin does not suddenly appear for no reason at all. There are definite causes for this problem, and once we pinpoint them, we can then take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening, or reverse it if it is a problem that you currently suffer from.

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All hope is not lost if you are dealing with sallow skin. We will now look at many of the causes, and then later on we will come up with some fantastic solutions and ways to put a stop to unhealthy looking skin before it spirals any further out of control.

What is a possible solution for sallow skin? 

While there isn’t one end all solution to curing this skin condition, you can always use a revitalization serum like this one, which will hydrate your face and ensure you are protected from dangerous elements.

The main causes of sallow skin include:

  • Smoking cigarettes – many of you are probably not all that surprised that cigarette smoking has made the top of the list. If you have smoked or know somebody that smokes, you recognize that this unfortunate and unhealthy habit is a major cause of the appearance of yellowish skin. But it’s really important to know why cigarette smoke causes sallow skin. To put it bluntly, there are very unhealthy chemicals within cigarettes that are terrible for the human body. These chemicals will constrict blood flow in tiny vessels that appear near the surface of the skin. These tiny vessels are known as capillaries, and they are restricted by chemicals in cigarettes. Once the restriction happens, the skin no longer has the ability to receive the proper amount of nutrients and oxygen. Your skin cells ultimately end up undernourished, and the signs of aging are even more enhanced.
  • Anemia – when the body suffers from a lack of iron due to illness or poor diet, people will suffer from a condition known as anemia. When your body lacks the proper amount of iron, it also lacks the right amount of red blood cells needed to provide ample amounts of oxygen throughout your entire circulatory system. Sallow skin is only one symptom of anemia, but it is an important distinction to pay attention to. If you suddenly develop pallid skin, and you are not feeling all that healthy, it would definitely be in your best interest to set up an appointment with a doctor. Other symptoms of anemia include feeling tired, weak, grumpy, having a difficult time concentrating and suffering from headaches. Take care of yourself and please visit a doctor for a checkup if you have inexpiable sallow skin.
  • Vitamin deficiency – as we all know, our outward appearance is also a major indication of what is going on inside of us internally. If our body is lacking the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients, then unhealthy skin conditions and other physical problems are going to take shape. Vitamin deficiency is one common reason why many people will find themselves suffering from sallow skin. When skin tone changes, it is always a sign that something is wrong. When people are suffering from sallow skin, they are often lacking the proper amount of B vitamins. The two main B vitamins linked to skin inflammation are vitamins B1 and B2, also known as thiamine and riboflavin. Vitamin C deficiency could also potentially be responsible for the yellowish appearance of skin.  As you can assume, there are many benefits of consuming vitamin c. Always check with your doctor and undergo a complete physical to find out what might be potentially wrong if your skin is turning an unhealthy yellowish color.

All in all, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the change in the appearance of your skin is serious and it needs to be looked upon as a real problem. Meet with a doctor. Ask for a checkup. And make sure the doctor rules out any potential severe problems.

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6 Ways to Obtain Beautiful, Glowing Skin

Healthy skin equals beautiful skin. The best ways to keep your skin in excellent health include:

  • Honey – whether you know it or not, honey is a phenomenal hydrating solution that helps to deliver a beautiful shine to your skin. The best way to use honey is to take a half filled honey jar and then fill the other half with lemon juice. Once this mixture is created, you should then apply it to your face prior to going to bed each night. To receive the best benefits, keep the mixture there for 30 minutes.
  • Infusions of vitamin C – as we all know, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that is excellent for skin health and skin care. When skin scarring and damage takes place due to the powerful rays of the sun, gently applying a vitamin C serum to the affected areas of the skin is a phenomenal way to combat this problem. When the skin absorbs the serum, it will then allow the user to have a beautiful glow.
  • Using the best sunscreen for your complexion – remember, all sunscreens are not created equally. They have different SPF numbers for different types of skin complexion. Make sure to always use the correct SPF number when applying sunscreen so that you can receive the maximum benefits from this product. Another thing to consider is your type of skin when choosing a sunscreen. If you are prone to acne, have dry skin, or have oily skin, these all need to be considered when making your final choice
  • Wear a milk pouch mask – this may seem like a funny recommendation to some of you, but you’ll be surprised at how effective this suggestion can truly be. Do you want your skin to have a natural glow on your face? A milk pouch mask will help to remove the dead skin cells by exfoliating your skin. Give it a try. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is. And you’ll be incredibly happy with the overall results.
  • Eating a proper diet – everyone knows how important it is to eat a proper diet. If you eat junk food, you are going to have junkie and ugly looking skin. If you eat healthy food, you are going to have healthy looking and glowing skin. So keep the junk out of your body. Only eat a healthy diet. Avoid junk food at all costs. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, beans and always eat high quality, fresh foods. Processed food is the death of healthy skin, so avoid it at all costs. And while you’re at it, stay far away from ice cream, potato chips, snack cakes, excessive amounts of sugar, pizza and other unhealthy food choices. They create ugly, oily skin, and nobody wants that, right?
  • Quit smoking cigarettes – we already discussed his earlier when talking about sallow skin, but it’s important to mention this for all skin health. Cigarettes are unhealthy, contain lots of unwanted and nasty chemicals, and ultimately cut off your oxygen supplies. When you smoke cigarettes, your skin looks old, wrinkled and unhealthy. If you ever want to look older than you actually are, just keep smoking those cigarettes. If you ever want to look young and attractive and have beautiful, flawless skin, please throw the cigarettes away and never smoke again.

Of course, there are top of the line skin products and treatments you can use to help the situation.  This revolutionary serum is one of them, otherwise you can always have a look at this list of anti aging creams that work and find one that suits your skin type and budgets.

Sallow Skin
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