Most people are fully aware that blackheads are just another form of acne. No matter what name you give them – spots, zits, pimples – the word blackhead is very clear in its description of what is going on with your skin.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads On Your Skin

The one thing that is not always clear is how they are formed. Another thing that is not always clear is the best ways to get rid of them. Nobody wants to have black spots all over parts of their skin, especially on their face and other exposed areas, so coming up with the best treatment options is always going to be the right course of action.

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We will look at five key areas in this article that include:

  • Blackheads facts
  • What are blackheads?
  • Causes
  • Diagnosis and symptoms
  • Prevention and treatment

Blackheads Facts

There are certain key factors that everyone should understand about these nasty skin conditions. They include:

  • They form due to excessive sebum – this typically takes place at the base of hairs, and more often than not, it will happen during a time of hormonal changes. Most often, these hormonal changes take place during puberty.
  • Popping blackheads – unfortunately, many people are under the impression that popping them is going to be helpful to their treatment. This is a myth of epic proportions, because the truth is that if you pop them you have the potential of spreading them to other areas of the skin, and even worse you could potentially damage and scar the infected area.
  • Treating blackheads – for the most part, treating this problem is a personal thing that you will have to take care of on your own. In some instances, when they get out of control, the intervention of a dermatologist could be useful. He or she may have to give prescription medication to those suffering in order to alleviate the problem.
gross blackhead photo
A disgusting photo showing many blackheads on a man’s nose.

That’s just a brief sampling of some of the facts surrounding blackheads. Read on to find out more about this unattractive skin condition.

What Are Blackheads?

As mentioned, they are simply a symptom of acne. Acne is a skin condition that affects people because their pores become blocked, and then they cannot secrete the oils that are building up within them.

Blackheads will form on the skin because the blockages will create comedones. They act as clogs on the skin, and they typically form in one of two ways. When they form, you will either see a whitehead on your skin or a blackhead on your skin.

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Blackheads Causes

As you can imagine, there are a number of potential reasons why our skin cells will form blackheads. We will take a close look at every one of these areas, and if you see something specific to you, you can use this information as a way to prevent them from forming more often in the future.

Since blackheads are caused due to a blockage of the pores, there are a few reasons why they will become established on your skin. Those reasons include:

  • Sebum overproduction – when the glands in our skin cells begin to overproduce sebum, we will unfortunately experience more acne and blackheads. The best way to prevent this overproduction is to take the necessary steps recommended to treat acne.
  • Hair follicle blockage – when hair forms at the base of the skin, it has the ability to become blocked because the canal is filled with excessive amounts of sebum. When this happens, this skin blemish has a much greater chance of forming on the surface.
  • Sebum oxidization – as sebum plugs up the skin cells, when it is on the surface of the skin it can become oxidized and turn into a waxy and oily substance. This substance will also contain dead skin cells because they produce at a much greater rate. A black spot will form and this is what ultimately creates a blackhead.

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  • Poor hygiene – one potential cause of blackheads is poor hygiene. If you do not wash your face enough, or do not thoroughly scrub your pores, you could potentially get blackheads at a much greater rate than others who take care of themselves better.
  • High humidity and heavy sweating – as we sweat, oil begins to form on our skin at a greater rate. This creates more potential for clogged pores, and clogged pores are the beginning stages of blackheads.
  • Cosmetics – cosmetics have the potential to clog up the pores on your skin and this can often lead to acne, whiteheads, blackheads and other unwanted skin blemishes.

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Acne has the ability to affect the face, the upper arms and the upper trunk. In these areas, certain blackheads symptoms will form in numerous different ways. They include:

  • Impacted quality-of-life – as an adolescent, looking to make your way in the world, you will struggle more than others if you have blackheads. They do not look attractive and unfortunately they will make you feel less confident in yourself.
  • Embarrassment – another unfortunate symptom of this condition is embarrassment. Nobody wants to have black dots all over their skin, especially around the areas of their nose and face. So, one of the major negatives of this condition is that those suffering often feel embarrassed because of it.
  • Social problems – when you are embarrassed because of this condition, it could lead to even further social problems. You might end up avoiding activities that you would have otherwise joined because of the shame and embarrassment that you feel.

Blackhead Removal

  • Prescription treatments – if blackheads are so severe, your doctor might prescribe prescription lotions that contain benzoyl peroxide, retinoids as well as azelaic acid.
  • Daily cleansing – an easy thing to try at home would be to clean the area each day. Just be careful that you do not scrub your face too excessively, because this could lead to further irritation and draw more notice to the problem area.

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  • Antibiotics – for non-inflammatory blackheads, medical personnel often prescribe antibiotics, and in particular hormonal agents. They can help reduce the excessive sebum production.

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To prevent this condition from ever forming, ignore the black myths, do not use cosmetics that clog the skin and avoid humid conditions to prevent excessive sweating.

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