Dry Skin

There are many reasons why you might get dry skin.  Today, we’ll talk about them as well as show you some ways you can help prevent and treat dry skin. It’s one of those conditions that we all have to battle with from time to time and if you are one of them, I can promise, it’s possible to beat this condition for good. The unfortunate part about our skin is that it somewhat defines who we are and how we are recognized by individuals. Truth to the matter is, people will make decisions based on someone’s appearance. There’s nothing you can do from stopping them. The only thing you can do is to make yourself look more presentable. Start by eliminating your dry skin for good.

People that are battling skin diseases, acne, and other skin ailments that lead to dry and flaky skin have a tougher time. There are tons of things that cause this condition and I’m going to go on and on here for a moment to dive into it all…

What Causes Dry Skin?

There are many things that cause dry skin. What you need to understand is that there are both internal and external factors that affect it. For example, stress levels, foods consumed, genetics, and other things all impact our skin. I’ll go over all the factors in detail so that you better understand them.

External Factors That Cause Dry Skin

For those of you that may not know exactly what dry skin actually is, all it is really is just dehydrated skin. When your skin gets dehydrated it becomes dry and flaky. Here are some external factors that you can control in order to make your dry skin more manageable. Here’s a rundown of each external factor that impacts the condition the most.

Take Shorter Showers: Hot water is terrible for your skin. If you are taking hot showers for a period of ten minutes or longer then you are doing your skin an injustice. Ten minutes will seriously aggravate your dry skin condition. If you are one of the individuals dealing with this issue, then I strongly recommend that you switch to a cooler shower or warm if possible.

Another thing that I would try and do is, avoid any really harsh chemicals. That means staying far away from cleansers that contain bad chemicals. Instead, focus on using very mild cleansers. Look at the label and see what the active ingredients are in the cleansers and if they are unfamiliar, try to educate yourself on them to determine whether or not they are harsh. It’s best to use a cleanser that is cream based too.

After showering, you should apply some type of high-end moisturizer or even a body oil that will help better lock the moisture into your skin.

Avoid Extreme Skin Treatments: If you are using any toners that are alcohol based or any other extreme skin products typically used to treat the skin, then I suggest you discontinue use immediately. Treatments such as peels and tough toners can literally suck out all the moisture that resides in your skin. What you want to use as an alternative is a hyaluronic acid based treatment. This will assist in further moisturizing any skin that is peeling or flaky.

Humidity: Humidity is actually good for your skin. Living in a dry climate is not good for your skin. That’s why I suggest you introduce a humidifier into your life if you can. Places with central air actually dry out the air and make it worse. Instead, you should work on incorporating a humidifier to help balance out the environment out a bit.

Avoid The Sun: I’ve mentioned a hundred times just how bad the sun is for your skin. The sun is literally your skin’s enemy. It causes it to become dry, cracked, brittle, flaky and wrinkled. You need to use sunscreen every single day because it will help protect your skin from UV rays. It will also help better lock in moisture.

Rid Your Body Of Dead Skin: If you do not exfoliate, then I suggest you start to do so. Exfoliating helps you remove dead, dry skin that is clinging to your body. At the same time, it does a great job of removing dirt and other unwanted particles that clog your pores.

Use Moisturizer: Last but not least, you need to moisturize your skin. Dry skin is very dehydrated and you need to moisturize it a minimum of twice daily if you want to minimize the dryness.

Is Dry Skin Serious?

The severity of dry skin can vary from person to person. The average individual is likely capable of dealing with their dry skin issue at home but some may need the extra assistance of a licensed dermatologist. If you have very severe dry skin then your condition will likely not subside with the application of some basic over the counter moisturizer daily.

Instead, you will more than likely need to use some sort of prescription-strength treatment for a period of two weeks or more. If you find that you are extremely itchy then I must suggest that you see a professional before your skin begins to crack and flake.

Severe dry skin can be the result of a medical condition such as diabetes or poor circulation. In the event that you think you have this condition due to something more serious then once again you must seek professional help in order to get things evaluated. There are antihistamine creams that can be taken to stop the itching. There are cortisone creams you can apply to minimize irritation and inflammation. However, none of these serious conditions are going to clear up on their own.

If it turns out that you have eczema or psoriasis, a dermatologist can easily prescribe something that will help you deal with the dry flaky patches of skin. Millions of individuals are dealing with these issues and you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination. Just put forth effort to get the situation under control.

Dry Skin
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