Crows Feet

Crow’s feet are the lines that stem from the corner of our eyes.  They are often the first sign of aging that is visible around the eyes and the reason many people turn to anti aging eye creams.  Crows feet become larger and more visible as we age due to the sheer volume of repeated expressions we make when we squint, grimace, or blink. If you’re having an issue with crows feet then I suggest that you keep reading to determine what works best to solve this issue.

crows feetWhat Is Crows Feet Cream?

A lot of people that struggle with this skin condition complain about it and they do it very frequently. As we age, it’s inevitable that we are going to develop lines near the corners of our eyes. This conditions which are known as crows feet can be cured with the help of some cream. This cream aids in resurfacing your skin in the affected areas. I’m not going to go straight into what the best crows feet cream is or where to get it. You first need to understand the condition before learning how to treat it.

See, as we age, the skin around our eyes becomes loose. We lose collagen as well as elastin and in order to revive the areas around the eye, people often apply a cream. This helps tremendously to reduce the footprint of a crow that appears as we age. Crows feet become easier to see when you making various facial expressions. For example, you will see crows feet more if someone is squinting or smiling.

I’ll be the first to admit that this type of skin condition isn’t the easiest to fix. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how crows feet develop before I tell you what to by though.

How It Develops

Even people that use skin serums and daily moisturizers are prone to getting crows feet. In fact, some of the non-specific treatment related products simply don’t do much to prevent one from getting crows feet. Another issue that can lead to problems is the lack of using products. If you don’t use the right products or skin care products at all, then your skin can become excessively dry which as a result can cause a decrease in skin elasticity. The good news is that using a cream can help drastically slow the onset of crows feet. These wrinkles are nothing short of a battle to deal with, make no mistake about that.

As strange as it may sound, crows feet actually start forming due to the facial expressions that we make on a regular basis. Making the same expressions over and over can cause our skin to develop folds. At that point, the elastin and collagen begin to slowly diminish and our skin cannot bounce back as easily as it could prior to the reduction in collagen and elastin. Unless you have some superhuman power of not making facial expressions, then you’re going to have to revert to using a cream to solve your eye wrinkle problems.

What’s In A Good Cream?

If you are even contemplating on investing in a crows feet cream then you better know what to look for in one before making a purchase. I’ll be honest and say that it truly doesn’t matter where you decide to get the cream. I don’t care if it’s some ritzy high-end skin lab, or dermatologist’s office, you need to know what ingredients to look for. What I will suggest is that you check with your dermatologist before purchasing any product. They most likely carry products with the most potent active ingredients. You should be on the lookout for retinol, peptides and alpha hydroxy acids. These ingredients will be listed on the bottle under active ingredients.

In the event that you simply cannot afford to purchase crows feet cream that is dermatologist strength then I suggest visiting your local pharmacy and look for an alternative cream that contains both vitamin C and vitamin E. These are great for repairing your skin. Using them will help tighten your skin over a longer period of time and you will see positive results.

Side Effects

Every product has side effects, even this type of cream. Depending on sensitive your skin is, you may or may not have any issues using the creams. If you have sensitive skin then you may find that your skin will start to sting or burn when applying the cream. This happens especially if you are using a product that contains retinol.

You may also experience some peeling and even redness of the skin if you are using a product that does contain retinol. Be sure to test your skin by applying a small amount to a tiny area on your skin. See how your body reacts to the product and if okay then I’d suggest that you continue to apply more until you’ve reached the recommended dosage. If you run into any serious problems then immediately discontinue use and contact your doctor right away.


Crows Feet
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