Skin Looking Dull? Do These These Things!


It’s Friday so I’m going to be pretty straight forward here. Dull skin is the pits. If you’re in a state of dull skin, then you need to snap out of it immediately. I’m going to give you some tips today that might help you snap your skin back into action. Get rid of that dry, dull, rough look by doing a few basic things.

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Things To Do To Fix Your Dull Skin

Guess what, you’re going to hate this, but your skin is a direct result of your health and well-being. All those crazy DIYS or high-priced applications aren’t going to help you improve your skin. Instead of plastering on a few layers of product, start by reading this article. I’m going to share some tips that will help you boost your skin from dull to delightful!

Switch It Up

If you’re skin is beginning to look dull, the first thing you should do is switch your cleanser up. Due to the fact that your skin is never in the same state from one day to the next, you should apply a cleanser that’s applicable to current conditions. As your skin changes, so should your cleanser.

Stop Touching

Keep those dirty hands off away from your face. I don’t care how often you wash your hands, they are crawling with bacteria. As a result, pores clog, pimples form, dead skin begins to build up and your skin gets dull as a result. Just stop touching your face.

Avoid Wipes

When you were a kid, your mom likely wiped your face with wet wipes. Well, those wipes do nothing good for your skin today. In fact, herbal wipes can clog your pores.

Apply Ice

I’ve mentioned this before in the past, but it’s worth mentioning again. If you want to fix your dull skin, then you want to revive it with the use of some ice. Applying ice to your skin will shrink your pores. It will also help increase the blood flow. Both of these things are great for your skin.

Milk Does A Face Good

Applying raw milk to your skin is something that can really help put the heart beat back into your dying skin. The reason this works is due to the lactic acid that exists in the milk. Don’t overdue it here. All you need to do is apply a small amount of raw milk to a cotton swab and apply it to your skin. Don’t overthink things here. Once your skin has dried completely, simply rinse your face.

Honey, Fix It!

You can try applying some raw organic honey to your face. It’s packed with antioxidants and tons of vitamin C. The best approach is to apply the honey to your face by massaging it into your skin. Remember to be gentle. Leave the honey on for about 10 minutes and then rinse your face using cold water.

Facial Massage

Last but not least, a facial massage can help put some life back into dull looking skin. Whatever you do, be sure to read this page before you attempt to give yourself a facial massage. It definitely does help and it can certainly have a positive impact on your skin, regrardless of the status if it.

Well, that’s my Friday tips round up for you. If you have dull looking skin then this is bound to help you make improvements. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I’ll be glad to try and give some additional feedback! Have a nice weekend!

Skin Looking Dull? Do These These Things!
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