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Today I’m going to be covering a new skin care brand known as SkinGenics. Sounds like a strange name for a skin care line, but it’s definitely not the strangest we’ve come across in our day. At any rate, the SkinGenics is what many would consider as being a revitalizing and rejuvenating cream. It’s supposedly a great product that can help you achieve that youthful look and feel you’ve been trying so hard to obtain.

Based on my research, SkinGenics incorporates the use of various ingredients, some of which are herbal and they’ve been proven to be safe as well as effective for those looking max out their skin softness potential and achieve the most well-moisturized look possible. The product also makes claims as being able to kick-start collagen product as well as elastin product. This makes your skin more flexible in a sense.

skin genics reviews

The Benefits Of Using SkinGenics

Are you seriously interested in using SkinGenics? If so, then you’ll want to know all the benefits before doing so. Assuming you’re consistent with your skin regimen and assuming all other things constant, using this on your face should do the following…

It should help remove your wrinkles and make those fine lines disappear.

It will help reduce the amount of puffiness that happens around your eyes and it will also work to help eliminate those dark circles.

When using the product, your skin should start to feel less saggy and better moisturized.

It’s an organic product, so you shouldn’t have any sensitivity issues unless you have an allergy of some sort.

How To Apply Skin Genics

Just like any other skin care product, there’s a right way and a wrong way to apply it. Based on some of my research, here’s what I was able to find in terms of properly applying this product.

Step 1. Wash Your Face – Not rocket science, make sure your face is clean before applying any type of skin care product.

Step 2. Apply the Skin Genics cream to your face.

Step 3. Reap the benefits of doing so weeks later (according to research).


You’ll want to know the ingredients involved prior to trying it right? Of cour, e you do. In a nutshell, this contains collagen boosters, antioxidants, peptides, vitamin C, and natural oils. If you want to read up on these ingredients and more, then I suggest you read this page which showcases all the ingredients we’ve covered on

There Are Precautions

Assuming you’ve decided to bite the bullet and give this a try, then you’ll want to stop everything and read this list of precautions before doing so. Most people sompletely disregard these things but we go out of our way to provide the most accurate information possible, regardless of your decision to bypass the list of precautions. If you take a close look at the product, you’ll notice that it provides a list of precautions which I’ve conveniently showcased below for you.

SkinGenics discloses the following information:

They state that this anti aging product is only to be used by adults.

They also mention that the product will not work for individuals that are “too old.” That statement right there is quite vague as it’s difficult to say what’s too old today.

The company also states that the product may not work as effectively as you’d like if you’re not using it on a consistent basis.

What Really Bothered Us

Okay, so there were a few things that really bothered us about Skin Genics and we didn’t realize it until we were doing this review. One of the things that I absolutely hate is that the company and product don’t have an official website. I’m sorry but this is a huge red flag if I’ve ever seen one.

I’d like to also take the time to mention that this product is part of a free trial offer that’s rampant within the industry today. That said, if you see any free trial skin care offers, I’m urging you to run for the hills! Do not under any circumstances give out your credit card information, they will bang your card more than you can imagine.

Oh, I should mention that it seems as though this product was once listed on but it’s since been removed. My guess is that there were so many returns that it simply didn’t make sense for the company to even try to push the product on Amazon.

If you continue searching, you’ll notice that a bunch of websites exist which try to portray themselves as being the official SkinGenics website. Trust me, they are not and one simply doesn’t exist. This is the sites way of flying under the radar. They do this with intent so that they are not easily found online. You’re probably thinking why right?


Most companies running skin care trial scams don’t have websites. Instead, they let marketers build sites to promote their products. When they do, they don’t provide any contact information or customer service details. This helps drive free trial users to take action but restricts them from canceling their purchase. It saves the company a ton of money and makes it almost impossible to cancel once you’ve subscribed to the offer.

If you take a look at the reviews in these search results, you’ll notice that they list the product as being a 5-star winner. Well, those are affiliates marketing the products, nothing more. They don’t care about anything other than you whipping out your credit card to make a purchase.

skin genics review


After looking further into things, there is absolutely no way that we could voluntarily suggest using Skin Genics. Not a chance and it’s all because it looks like the company is just another free trial offer. I cannot stand these types of offers and if you’re contemplating purchasing this, then I’d suggest looking for other options. In fact, it would be in your best interest to simply read this page where we showcase the best anti aging creams. Make a decision from there and see what happens. Whatever you do, don’t buy this.

Skin Genics
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  1. I’m pretty sure that this is the worst methodology, or rather lack thereof, used to rate a product. No way would I ever consider this site a source for good information regarding any product.

    Also,the comments section is suspiciously empty. I wonder why…

    • Vicki Peters doesn’t like star ratings.


      Also, thanks for being our first comment on a page that doesn’t get many views. Perhaps you will wake this page up in the search engines and be of assistance.

  2. This is totally a scam company. I’m out almost $200 for product on a Free Sample. I couldn’t e en try it because I was diagnosed with rosacea. Do not fall for their fraud!

    • Thanks for sharing, TR. We like to keep people informed, even if it means learning third hard.

      Readers, take TR’s words of wisdom.

  3. Skin Genics and Eye Genics is a scam !!! They are going to hit your credit card for 175$ after you receive a trial sized jar of cream… I’m telling you that this product is equal to dollar store quality face cream. It burns and makes your skin oily. There is NO WAY to get a full refund.

    • Thank you so much for the heads up. Fortunately I was in the two week period when I read your post. I immediately called the phone number you gave me and got a person in the Cayman Islands. He tried to tell me that I had to send back the unfinished product plus pay more money for shipping, etc. I said absolutely not and if they tried to charge my card I would report them for fraud. I wanted to cancel it now. He actually cancelled my order info and sent me confirmation emails for both skin and eye products. I also called my credit card company and reported possible fraud issues. They were very helpful and made a note of it in my record. Hope this helps other people.

  4. Good point. No website but lots of redirects. Don’t trust someone without a website and direct contact not to mention the “free trial” scam.

  5. DO NOT BUY this trial offer. It is a total SCAM, SCAM, SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!! You have 14 days to call about the trial offer so that you are not charged $89.95 and $86.95 for the eye and face cream if you want to cancel. Here are the phone numbers to call to cancel 1-877-269-6996 or 1-877-290-8678. You are sent the full size bottles to try for $4.95 and $5.95 in a 14 day period. If you do not cancel in 14 days they turn around and charge you $89.95 and $86.95. They will not refund the money. SCAM

    • THANK YOU for all the info! I just received mine today and called them immediately at the # you provided. Received an email of cancellation already…hopefully they comply! I will have to send back the creams – no loss!

  6. I unfortunately got sucked into the scam. I ordered AND PAID for a sample of the skin cream, after trying to locate a way to order a sample of the eye cream. Apparently I signed up for a SUBSCRIPTION which charged my account for $95! I immediately called the customer support number and was told I could not get a refund, and they did not take returns, even for sealed/unopened product. Reference was made to their Terms and Conditions on their website, which I now CANNOT LOCATE.

    The receipt emailed to me for the sample does NOT mention in any way the subscription or the two week trial period. This is a failure on the company’s part to further notify a consumer that a charge (of whatever amount you may have agreed to, knowingly or not) will occur.

    HOW IS IS POSSIBLE IN THE UNITED STATES THAT A COMPANY CAN HAVE A NO REFUND POLICY? I as a consumer in the U.S. expect all companies to be required to follow similar standards.

    *** UPDATE ***
    As I was on the phone with multiple representatives (I kept asking for the manager of each person I spoke with), I was typing this commentary. They agreed to return 75% of my charges in an effort to avoid me going to my bank to begin the process of retrieving the unauthorized charge. I was told I would see the partial REFUND in my account in 3-5 business days. Stay tuned.

    DON’T be the fool I was and pay for a SAMPLE! I won’t make that mistake again!

  7. Total fraud company! They offer you a month’s worth of cosmetics to try for free. If after 30 days you are supposed to get a refund if not satisfied. My card got charged right after 14 days of receiving the product!!
    I did not give anyone the authority to charge it. I thought I had the option of cancelling at 30 days because I was not satisfied and I would not be sent any more product. They just charge your account in 14 days for the full amount of the product. I told them I was not satisfied with the product. I was called back and I was re-imbursed only for 1/2 of the amount they stole from my account and told no more shipments would come my way or that I would not be charged. I was told that was all they could do. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

  8. I was told I could not cancel until the trial period was up. I did not read the two pages front and back, that had the print, that was so small, I couldn’t read without a magnifying glass. What I did read was that at the end of the trial period I would be sent the product and would be charged $85.00 a month. So I went to the bank, and have to go through destroying my debit card, and ordering a new one, which could take up to 2 weeks. You don’t think about how many times you use that debit card, until you don’t have it. Now I have to write checks and buy stamps….Boy did I get spoiled. Please don’t be fooled into ordering the trial. Joyce

  9. Skin Genics is a SCAM – There is nothing free. Their fine print is so fine and barely visible, and the product is shipped WITHOUT any company, product or conditions for the so-called “free trial.” There is nothing FREE about this. RUN FOR THE HILLS – DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TRYING A PRODUCT THAT WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS AND FULL REFUNDS!!!

    • So sorry to hear that, Kathleen. Thanks for voicing your issues and we appreciate you helping protect other consumers from brands that behave this way.

  10. i am so glad I saw your web site I also was going to try this product. Because of the shark tank referral I thought it must be on the up and up. I had the same thing happen to me with another skin care product and had to get a new debit card but I thought it was just THAT company. This really bothers me that there are so many scams out there and nothing has been done about it. And unfortunately we live in a society that makes aging a sin. This makes millions of women start searching for anti aging products because of the fair of “looking our age”. And because none of us are knowledgeable of what ingredients it takes to fight the aging process we trust what we read on these products which are not cheap. so thank-you again for the heads up.

  11. It’s truly alarming to think that our “Shark Tank ” are affiliated with these SHARKS! I too got caught in this scam! I cancelled my subscription and the following day my account was charged for the full price of the products of $89.95 I contacted the company and they said it was 2 days too long and I had to pay for the product and refused to take it back! It also was NOT a short process to talk to anyone in the first place! I have no options but to kiss my money goodbye I want to warn anyone and everyone about trying the trial…DON’T DO IT!!! I learned the hard way… Shame on Mr. Wonderful!!


  13. Same same still fighting I retuned package thru mail refused delivery and they are still trying to charge me I will call cc company cx and let them fight it out

    • I’m sorry this is happening. We’re having a graphic made to alert ALL READERS to look at the comments below before making any decisions on whether to buy this product. The customer reviews and comments for any product we’ve listed on this site have never been this bad, and consumers should be informed.

  14. Wowzer, I am so grateful that I found this page! I am looking for a good product and thought this might be it. Yay! I won’t be falling for it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    • Hi…I have no affiliation with Clinique but my daughter worked at their counter in Macy’s. She introduced me to a product called Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Serum. The name was so weird I didn’t think it would work. Not only did it firm my face but also my neck and the wrinkles I had on my chest for years due to a bad sunburn. Anyway…just saying

  15. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM! Their site was very misleading regarding trial period and cost. One week after receiving product, my account was dinged almost $200. The product does no perform as promised.I repeat: THIS IS A SCAM.

  16. Woah I was just about to put my credit card into receive the cream and try it. I mean I was only being charged the 5.00 shipping fee. I thought if I like it I’ll buy more no where on the site does it say you get automatically signed up for additional fees. Something just didn’t feel right and I thought let me look for some reviews before I give them my credit card info. Thanks!!! My husband would of killed me if $175 would have been charged to my card. I always look to find the most damaging review out there about a product so that I have some knowledge of what the possible worst thing that could happen regarding a product. Then use my best judgement on how valid it could be. But i commend you for including the proof of how deceitful the company is and how you validate or invalidate a company. thanks again you save me hard earned money!!!

  17. Evil company. I wish there was something we could do to get our money back. They wouldn’t even let me talk to a manager the last time I called.

  18. Do not buy this product for free trial they charged my cc after I called them and told them I didn’t care for the product my bank CALLED me because they charged my account 89.95 I’m disputing the charges I had no problem paying the free shipping charges to try the product wich turns out to b a SCAM it’s sad that u can’t trust a company anymore and the lady I talked to was very NASTY to me p l e a s r save yourself from a lot of hassle and time and having to cancel ur cc or Debit card!!!!!!!‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

  19. SCAM! SKINGENICS/EYEGENICS ARE BOTH SCAMS! The company they officially operation under and will see on your bank statement, PROGRESSIVE SKIN REMEDY, will NOT REFUND your money they take out of your bank account. I’m in claim proceedings with my financial institution at the moment to retrieve the near $180 they withdrew. Their customer support will not connect you with supervisors. They laugh out loud and are rude and the moment you say the word “claims”
    (whether one has been filed or not; at the time I called I had only gotten the numbers to call Progressive Skin Remedy from my bank’s Claim’s Dept.) the customer support agent grew hostile and the conversation shut down. I was reverted back to my financial institution for a future “three-way call” with Progressive Skin Remedy, (the same hostile customer support number, me and my financial institution) and MAYBE THEN would some sort of SETTLEMENT be worked out. Are you kidding me?!?

  20. YES! this is a absolutely one of the biggest SCAMS they have out on websites. I was foolish and didn’t check out the website to find out information about SKINGENICS ANTI-AGING RENEWAL CREAM and feel victimized by those thieves also. It’s Amazing that it should be away that before you
    Order it should be a notation, indicating that it’s a risk you are be taken advantage of!

  21. I agree with all the people above. The print must have been microscopic, because I could not find it anywhere on the receipt or the website. When I call I was also told there was nothing they could do. What reputable company does not offer a refund on a product. I also have almost the whole jar left, so I could return it. I talked to several people before I was also offered a 50% refund. We will see if I get it. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!

  22. Will you please stop charging my credit card I have contacted the better business buearea and they have told me you are a fraud. And that you need to credit my credit card $176.90 and stop charging. Discover is keeping tabs on my account. And they will contact you if you continue to charge. I will also contact the better business beurea.
    Debra landrum
    1031 Sandfield rd
    Campton KY 41301

  23. Do not send me any more Skin Genics moisture cream.
    I ordered one jar don’t send anymore.
    My Name: Dottie Machado, Alpine, CA.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Dottie, please contact them directly – we don’t affiliate with them, nor do we endorse them or handle their customer service. In fact, if you read the comments, you aren’t alone in your struggles with this company.

  24. This company is such a scam. They took money of my account their customer service
    Is a joke. They will never refund your money I never even received my first order but
    They already have your money so what do they care so get a new credit card because
    They will keep taking it they are a scam scam scam

  25. Company should be ashamed of how they operate is totally a scam hopefully no one else will fall for its pitiful ads- your so called company should be shut down- shame on you!

  26. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the heads up! I didn’t trust this & did a search to find out more about what just seemed too good to be true! My gut said it was a scam but the search was filled with PRO SkinGenetics sites! Something said to check your site out & I’m so glad I did! I’ve already shared your site & that you’re a money saver as well as sanity saver!!! XX’s to you at & blessings to you because you were a blessing obviously not only to me but many others! I hope you’ll get higher on the alogorhythms (sp?, sorry, I’m a bad speller & have Adult ADHD) but I’m thankful for YOU!