Skin Changes and Menopause

Menopause… the stage where women’s reproductive system shuts down and they’re body enters the ‘old’ stage. Menopause can bring with it a lot of negatives… from hot flashes to excessive hair growth… menopause is not a fun time for ladies at all. The skin is most affected during menopause as hormones change rapidly and decline, causing the body a lot of confusion and resulting in the skin becoming tired looking and aged. A few of the most common skin changes during menopause include:

Facial Hair:

Due to oestrogen levels decreasing and testosterone making an appearance during menopause, many women develop a lot of facial hair, sometimes it can be very fine, other times it can grow very thick, particularly so in the chin area. This is not a major problem and can be treating through a number of hair removal methods such as threading and waxing. The most effective hair removal method is laser. This gets rid of hair for prolonged lengths of time and after 5 or 6 session all together depending on your skin type.

Wrinkles and saggy skin:

Oestrogen stimulates and deposits fat within the face and as the oestrogen decreases during menopause the skin becomes looser and wrinkles start to form as the skin folds and drops. Wrinkles and sagging on the face can be prevented with regular facials. They increase circulation, smooth out fine lines, tighten the skin and leave it soft. Although it doesn’t stop the process it does help to slow it down effectively.


Acne is common during menopause as changes in hormones result in your skins protection and regeneration varying, causing pimples to appear as a result of this. Women develop oily skin during menopause as well and this also causes acne to develop and spread. Acne, although it is caused by hormone changes, can be prevented and reduced by doing a couple of simple things such as washing your face regularly, changing pillow cases, getting facials to cleans and moisturize the face etc.

Itchy Skin:

Raised stress levels, acne and oily skin can cause skin to become very itchy. This can lead to rashes, discomfort and flushing. This can be prevented by getting regular facials to sooth the skin, relieve stress and remove dirt from your pores. Gel face masks can also help to sooth the skin and reduce itchiness.

Skin Changes and Menopause
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