Skin Care Tools You Can Incorporate Into Your Routine [Video]


When you think skin care, you’re probably thinking cleansers and serums. However, there are a lot of skin care tools out there that you can incorporate into your daily or weekly routine if you really want to up your derma game!

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Best Skin Care Tools Revealed

With a little help from our friends at Birchbox, we’ve been able to upgrade out skin care regimen by incorporating a new tool into it. Finding the best tools types that work for you isn’t all that easy. Thankfully, we have a video which shares some of the tools that you might wish to incorporate into your own routine depending on your skin type and skin care lifestyle.

Skin care tools can be incorporated to help increase the effectiveness of your current products. It can also help achieve wonderful results and a deeper cleaning complimentary product. Before you decide on incorporating a tool. It’s best to find out what these tools can each do for you before making a decision. Birchbox’s┬áLorelei helps us out here by sharing and explaining a few different types of products to us.

For starters, one of the easiest ways to incorporate tools into your routine is to start by adding the use of a muslin cloth, which is great for exfoliating while at the same time being sensitive enough for those with really sensitive skin. It’s gentle Lorelei explains that the muslin cloth is gentle enough to use both and night. It can be used daily too. Here’s how you would use it. Simply apply your favorite cleanser, get the muslin cloth damp and massage your skin with circular motions, rinse and feel refreshed.

Another skin care tool Lorelei recommends incorporating into your routine, especially if you have oily skin is a face mitt. The MicrodermaMitt will help you get a deep exfoliation and it can be used a few times per week if you have really oily skin. If your skin is on the more sensitive side, you can incorporate it once a week and still see results.

Now, if you have more acne prone skin, then you may want to incorporate a cleansing sponge. A bamboo charcoal heart sponge, like the one created by One Love Organics. It’s a natural sponge that is very useful. This can be used to massage cleanser into your skin.

There are also a number of electronic tools that you can incorporate as well. A popular electronic option is incorporating a Clarisonic tool. This patented tool cleanses six times more than you can do with your hands and it comes with a number of different brush heads depending on the type of skin that you have.

Now if you’re looking for an anti aging product, you can look into incorporating the Foreo Luna, which is a silicone product that pulses as it cleanses your skin. This product has an anti aging panel that can be used on more wrinkle prone areas.

There are of course many other skin care tools that can be incorporated into your routine. However, this should be enough to help you get a head start on things.

Here is the full video for you to enjoy.

Skin Care Tools You Can Incorporate Into Your Routine [Video]
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