Skin Care Tips for Your Hands

photo of hands One of the tell tales signs of someone’s age is their hands. People generally think that soft and smooth hands belong to a younger person and wrinkly, veiny hands belong to an older person. However, if looked after correctly, people can preserve their hands and prevent them from wrinkling and aging. There are a few simple, but unknown tips that, if done regularly, can slow down the aging process of hands.   


One of the most effective anti-aging hand methods is exfoliation. Exfoliating regularly one or twice a week using an enriching and natural oil based scrub can help to restore your hands elasticity and make them smooth and soft. Good natural ingredients to use or look for when making or buying an exfoliating scrub include sugar (good for removing dead skin cells and dirt), honey (good for softening hands and olive oil (good for moisturizing as it contains fatty acids).

Wear gloves when cleaning, washing and driving:

Probably one of the simplest, yet easily forgettable method of keep your hands young is wearing gloves when cleaning, washing and driving. Harsh chemicals can dry out skin and damage it, making it look aged and old. Extended exposure to hot water can also have damaging effects to your hands and can dry them out greatly. For even better results, apply some moisturizer or cream when washing dishes or cleaning as the heat and sweat will help for it to absorb into your skin better. Driving can also cause the palms of your hands to become rough and dry and extended exposure to the cold and sun can cause damage to hands, making them appear older than they are.

Keep nails clean, manicured and protected:

The nails are the centerpiece of all hands and outdated manicures, discolored nails etc. are an age giveaway and can make hand appear older than they actually are. By ensuring your nails are painted with a subtle and classy color (not to over whelming as this could make hands look aged) your nails will give your hands a nice contrast, making them look younger and smoother.

Wear sun screen:

When applying sun screen, people often miss one of the most important parts of their body: their hands. Wearing sun screen can prevent sun damage and prevent your hands from getting dark spots and uneven coloring.

Skin Care Tips for Your Hands
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