Skin Care Techniques From The Irish (That Might Actually Work)


As you know, there are many people in this world today that incorporate various beauty tricks and routines into their daily regimen. Most of the time, they haven’t got a clue as to where the tricks derived from. All they know is that their skin has never looked better and that’s all they care about. Well, I’m here today to say that keeping healthy complexion is super important, but what else is just as important is understanding the history of it all.

That’s why I’m sharing with you some of the most popular skin tips that have derived from Ireland. I know what you’re thinking, not a chance that this is true. Well, think again my friend. While you’re at it, how about thinking about incorporating these things into your routine.

irish skin tips and techniques
Who doesn’t love a nice cold Guinness? Don’t drink it, wash your hair with it!

Irish Skin Care Techniques That You Never Knew Existed

Hang on tight, grab a six pack of Guinness and let’s get things started with all of this…

One of the most common treatments in the United States comes directly from Ireland. I’m talking about the invasive alternative to plastic surgery. That’s right, I am referring to the infamous Botox treatments that people get today. Did you know that Ireland makes the most Botox in the entire world? You heard it hear folks! Thank the Irish for helping make people look better with a few pricks of a small needle.

This next skin tip doesn’t sound so far fetched as it’s pretty much a staple ingredient in Ireland. Oatmeal has been consumed by the Irish for centuries and it’s even been used by women to help improve their skin since as early as the 1800s. They give themselves oatmeal facials by combining the oatmeal with buttermilk. This helps cleanse the skin, reduce inflammation and even moisturize the skin.

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If you haven’t downed that six pack of Guinness just yet, then don’t because now’s the time for your beer rinse. Some people rinse their hair with beer because they believe the hops, as well as the malt, are good for your skin. They help it shine more and even strengthen it. Obviously, this works and the Irish can now be blamed for every individual drinking Guinness in the shower today, LOL.

Facials are all the rage these days and those that in corporate potatoes come straight from Ireland! Potatoes are the one food that’s about as Irish as it gets. There’s such thing known as the potato facial and it is pretty simple too. All you need are some slices of potatoes which can be placed over your eyes to help reduce the puffiness and better calm your eyes.

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Next on the list is the seaweed bath. Seaweed has actually become a key ingredient in many skin products today. Going back to the 20th century, seaweed baths were used to help reduce body aches, soothe people’s skin, and improve circulation.

If you decide to take a trip to Ireland, maybe you should think about hitting one of the many seaweed baths throughout the country. Just be prepared to spend some money because they aren’t free. It costs roughly $30 if you want to take a seaweed bath in Ireland. There’s even a brand that comes straight out of Ireland which incorporates seaweed in their products. The brand is called Voya and I encourage you to give it a whirl. Here’s what a few of the products look like (see below).

Voya Seaweed Skin Care
Credit: Voya
Skin Care Techniques From The Irish (That Might Actually Work)
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