Skin Care Rituals From A Yogi


A couple days ago, Brandon wrote about yoga’s effect on skin care. Well I had the opportunity to hear about Koya Webb, who is a holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor. She uses a very simple but effective skin care rituals that keeps her always glowing and looking her best. Everybody knows that yogis treat their bodies in enviable ways. They focus on and utilize steady breathing and stretching along with regular vinyasa flow. All of this helps to keep them centered and strong. Of course with the skin being the largest organ, they will have a healthy ritual for this as well.

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Skin care rituals are very important to yogi

Koya Webb Talks About Her Skin Care Rituals

Koya uses plenty of natural oils like squalane (which we wrote about here) to compliment her plant based diet. How does she start her morning beauty routine? Her skin care rituals starts with dry brushing and oil massage. When she wakes up in the morning she brushes her skin first then does a facial oil massage to awaken and nourish her tired skin. She leaves the oil on her skin and starts the day off with a cup of tea. After this she cleanses her face with warm water. Finally she splashes with cold water to close the pores.

Koya knows how important hydration is so during the day she is always spritzing away with a hydrating mist. She loves rose sprays. In the evening she goes through a de-stressing skin care ritual. Whereby she cleanses, stretches and journals with mood lighting. She uses candles to have the perfect mood and does hip openers.

How else would a yoga expert lock in this moisture? She takes warm showers before she goes to bed and covers her body in oil. The thing is, oils are ultra hydrating and they keep the skin nourished while it is sleeping and the body is healing itself. This is how Koya gets this amazing beauty sleep. Namaste.


Skin Care Rituals From A Yogi
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